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New baby’s room decorating tips

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Congratulations! You’ve got a new addition joining your family soon and can get started on nursery decorating ideas.

The colours and way you choose to decorate the room can help assist your baby’s development and can also inspire you to move away from traditional colours.

So, here’s some tips to create the best room for your bundle of joy.

Choose a theme

Realistically, the colours you choose to decorate your baby’s bedroom in are more for you than your baby. But bright, cheerful colours can help with your baby’s development – especially in the early stages.

Different shapes and textures can help stimulate them and make their room an interesting place to be.

All you need to do is choose a base colour and start decorating! If you want to make use of patterns, our match and mix service and colour swatches are easy ways to find complementing or contrasting colours to help you create a stylish nursery that stimulates your baby.

Mimic night-time

During the first month, your baby is not sensitive to light. In order for them to aware of its presence, it needs to be 50 times brighter than an adult would be used to. So you don’t have to worry too much about leaving lights on.

But by the time they get to three months old, their detection threshold is 10 times that of an adult’s so, you’ll want to dim the lights at nap time.

It’s worth investing in a black out curtain or blind so you can mimic night-time whenever you need to. Obviously your baby won’t sleep as soon as you put them down, so a patterned night light that’s within their vision will add an extra little stimulus and helps to create a cosy ambiance.

Consider your baby’s perspective

Consider what your baby is looking at for most the day to help you with placement. Chances are, it’s either going to be the ceiling or something low to the floor during tummy time.

A mobile above their cot or a bright mural within their eye-line will help to stimulate and provide some decoration to your room.

If you want to add patterns to your nursery, try placing them within your baby’s eye-line. You could even be quirky and pattern a section of your ceiling!

Add Patterns To Your Nursery

Create your own geometric nursery wall with our handy How to video.

Think about the furniture

And now for the practicalities. Make sure that all the essential furniture in your baby’s nursery is within arm’s reach of the cot. But really, that just means the changing table!

Create a calm corner with a rocking chair to take your child to when you need to calm them down before bed. This is especially handy when they’re older.

Got any tips for decorating a nursery? Take a snap of your nursery and tweet your tips to @ValsparPaintUK.

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