Royal Mews Gold X68R139D

The Perfect shades for the Royal Baby

With the Royal baby’s arrival, Valspar has the perfect shades for the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.


The shade Rabbit’s Foot (R79B) was revealed as the nation’s favourite gender-neutral nursery shades in 2018 and complements Meghan’s personal interior style of natural tones.


Meghan’s preferences for Scandinavian chic, using neutral tones with pops of texture and colours were well-documented on her social media channels and blog, The Tig, and the royal nursery is no exception, with reports she has chosen a palette of grey and white.

Psychologists also suggest that babies under three months can only see monochrome colours, so opting for a grey colour scheme for your nursery can promote visual stimulation, as well as thoughts and emotions.


Pair with complementary shades, such as Snug as a Bug (R90C), Sleeping Inn (W35E), Cozy Cocoon (R90D), Gentle Slumber (R92A) or the fitting Royal Mews Gold (R139D), which was another popular colour with Valspar fans last year.

Colours used
Soothing Sage X131R251E
Gentle Slumber R92A
Snug as a Bug R90C
Rabbit's Foot R79B
Royal Mews Gold X68R139D
Sleeping Inn W35E