Blue Dusk W30b

Colour trends: Autumnal colour palettes

The weather outside is still set to summer but we’re already thinking about autumnal tones.

Bring the crisp outdoors, inside with dark greens, misty greys and deep blues. Use complementing shades to create a cosy room that envelopes you in all the things that are best about autumn. Here’s some easy ways to make the most of this seasonal colour palette.

1. Use accent colours

Autumnal colours provide a lot of versatility. Darker shades like inky blues and forest greens can transform an old piece of furniture into a stylish statement piece. Combine this with lighter, hazy shades for your walls, and your room will soon make you want to don a knitted jumper and dive under a cosy blanket.

2. Add style to a smaller room

Cooler shades work well in small rooms and won’t overpower the space. It’s the perfect way to brighten up a space without resorting to boring beiges or clinical whites. Hazy shades add a dreamy quality and can turn your small room into a calm retreat.

3. Make a statement with bold furniture

Autumnal tones are by nature neutral and earthy colours. As a palette, it’s incredibly versatile so if your passion for interiors is mainly fixated around furniture, it’s the perfect colour scheme to enable you to make bold choices.Rich velvet chairs in complementing colours will add that much sought after luxurious feel. Combine this with dark woods for an autumnal colour palette with echoes of 1920s decadence.

Have a look at our colour palette below for more autumnal inspiration.


Colours used
Blue Dusk W30b
Misty Dreams X135R279E
Heather Haze R3B