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Colour trends: Maximalism

Living room with green walls and arm chair

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One of this year’s biggest interior design trends will delight budding designers who love nothing more than bold looks.

Maximalism is the polar opposite to minimalism and builds on the growing trend of putting big vivid colours to work and making your four walls the focal point of any room. Here are some easy ways to make the most of this colour-centric trend.

1. Be vivid

You aren’t doing maximalism if you’re sticking to muted or pastel shades. This is your chance to go all out with bold colour combinations and exotic shades you might have once thought gauche. It’s time to put greens, oranges and reds to good use and create a truly ‘wow’ experience. 

If you really want to embrace the trend, try combining vivid colours to create geometric patterns for a really contemporary and eye-catching look.

wall with orange geometric pattern

2. Separate shades with white

Maximalism is a trend for everyone – not just those with big rooms. It’s just as impactful in a smaller space as it is a large one. But, if you’re worried about overpowering colours, white is the best way to separate brighter and bolder shades. It can add a clean break and a small space of calm in amongst bursts of colour.

3. Pair with bold furnishings and botanicals

With such a bold colour scheme, you might be wondering how to accessorise and choose the right furniture. A contrasting colour will work well, but if you’ve decided to follow the maximalism trend, you may as well embrace it wholeheartedly.

Matching bright furniture and plenty of botanicals will help to round off your room and complete the look.



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