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20 Paint Colour Ideas for Your Living Room

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Your living room is likely to be one of the most social and best-used spaces in your home. It’s a place where you can enjoy time with your family, entertain friends, and relax after a long day. 

The number of living room paint colour ideas available is vast and varied, and there isn’t a single colour that is best suited for everyone. It’s all about finding a colour that works for your personal interior taste and that you will enjoy being surrounded by each day at home. 

To offer you some further inspiration, below we have selected 20 beautiful living room colours to help give you a few ideas for your forthcoming decoration project. 

Grey living room paint ideas

Credit: Instagram - @_banks_ave

Featured colour: Carriage Wheel

Dark grey is a handsome choice for a living space and creates lots of warmth and character. Combined with the rich gold upholstery, wooden floors and green foliage, this grey wall paint makes the space appear earthy and works especially well with lots of natural light bouncing off it from the bay window. 


Credit: Instagram - @at.home.with.the.marchants

This paler shade of custom grey living room paint looks great as a backdrop for plenty of other colour within the room. It offers a sense of calm against the pops of bright orange furniture and green accessories, and blends seamlessly with the wooden flooring and neighbouring dining table.

White living room paint ideas

Credit: Instagram - @numberfortytwo

Featured colour: Coconut Juice

Here, the white wall paint mixes with the black fireplace, coving and flooring to create a modern, monochrome living space. Touches of subtle colour are introduced via the rugs and artwork, making the room feel chic and cohesive, yet extremely cosy.


Credit: Instagram - @_our_crosspool_terrace_

A crisp white living room wall makes this upcycled vintage chest of drawers really stand out. The white walls create a fresh and spring-like vibe, filled with lots of different types of houseplants positioned at different heights in the room.


Credit: Instagram - @harebellgrove

A white wall can sometimes make a large space look empty and bare. But when a large piece of furniture is placed in front of it, the space instantly feels fuller and more welcoming. The well-chosen artefacts and vases positioned on this black shelving unit add plenty of interest to the space, without it feeling too cluttered, and the neutral shade of carpet compliments the white walls for an airy feel.


Credit: Instagram - @thepinkterrace

Featured colour: Little Bo Peep

If you want to experiment with wallpaper in a living room, then pairing it with white wall paint can help to ensure that it doesn’t feel overbearing. Here, the white walls provide a fresh upper frame for the panelling below, which features a retro bamboo print paper. The bubble gum cuddle chair is a great addition - adding plenty more personality and colour. 

Pink living room paint ideas

Credit: Instagram - @homeatheathfield

Featured colour: Yoga Pose

The pastel pink wall paint gives this living room a real Mediterranean feel, especially when combined with the wooden flooring, bamboo-style furniture pieces and green houseplants. The large round mirror also helps to add plenty of reflective light in the space, which enhances the texture of the coloured walls. 

Credit: Instagram - @megmonde

Featured colour: Cherry Caramel

This earthy coral wall paint has caramel tones, which makes it feel sophisticated and refined. However, when combined with the quirky vintage cabinet and brass monkey lamp, a youthfulness is added to the space to make it feel fresh and friendly.

Black living room paint ideas

Credit: Instagram - @jessicaanswer

Featured colour: Village Smithy

Black wall paint might not be the obvious choice for a relaxing living space, but mixed with the animal prints, vintage furniture and green plants, it works really well in this space. This black living room doesn’t feel dramatic or confident like the colour often does - instead it feels charming and serene.


Credit: Instagram - @husneara_begum

Featured colour: Downing Street

This is another example of how black wall paint can make a living room space feel modern and chic. Here, the black wall paint is used on a feature wall to frame the leather sofa, and is complimented perfectly with an adjacent white wall that offers light to reflect into the mirror. 

Green living room paint ideas

Credit: Instagram - @clash_and_clutter

Featured colour: Whirled Peas

When you want to bring the outside in, green wall paint is a great choice. This living room features plenty of natural elements with wooden furniture, green plants and an earthy stone-coloured sofa. 


Green is a colour that soothes and stimulates peaceful thoughts. Therefore, after a chaotic day at work, this is just the kind of space that will help you unwind and instantly relax. This pale green shade creates a beach-side feel and you can just imagine yourself sinking into that wicker chair with a good book and a warm mug of tea.


Credit: Instagram - @emeraldterrace

Featured colour: Galapagos

For a sophisticated and contemporary living room space, dark green offers the perfect wall colour. Here the central dark wall makes the fireplace and chimney breast a real feature of the room, which is further accentuated with the quirky, pink wall sign sitting on top. 

Teal and turquoise living room paint ideas

Credit: Instagram - @thelittlevictorianterrace

If you love travel, then teal paint can help to create the feel of a faraway destination. The pink upholstered chair mixes with the teal to make this living space feel exotic and exciting, and the sun rays through the shutters create plenty of light for you to sit down and plan your next adventure! 


Credit: Instagram - @sophiecsophiedo

Featured colour: Russian Turquoise

This living space is brightened instantly with the turquoise wall paint. The shade works wonderfully with the warm tones of the gold sofa placed in front of the wall, and is toned down perfectly with the natural jute flooring underneath. 

Blue living room paint ideas

Credit: Instagram - @victorianhomenotts

Featured colour: Isis Wept

The blue wall paint on this panelling creates an eclectic ambiance, which is quirky, yet refined. This colour shade works really well to zone a large living room such as this one, which leads into a further open plan space. 


Credit: Instagram - @the_wildwood_house

Featured colour: Blue Moon Glow

The dynamic blue wall paint on this living room wall creates the perfect stage for a colourful collage of fun prints and frames. If fun is a priority in your household, then this colour shade definitely gives you the platform to nurture that kind of environment.

Yellow living room paint ideas

Credit: Instagram - @atcraigandlauras

As soon as you see the image of this space, you can’t fail to feel happy and positive. So, imagine how it would feel to live in this every day! Despite being bright and cheery, the yellow used here is subtle and not too overpowering. It also looks great with the natural light shining onto it for further effect.


Credit: Instagram - @steviefrances

Featured colour: Tigress

This warmer yellow shade offers a sophisticated spin on the traditional colourway. Here, the yellow paint has been used on three quarters of the living room wall, with the upper part in a crisp white shade. This adds a nice balance of colour in the space, adding the perfect combination of colour and light.

Orange living room paint ideas

Credit: Instagram - @steviefrances

Featured colour: Spiced Rum

Orange is often regarded as a bold choice of wall colour, but here, you don’t get that feeling at all. This orange wall paint shade is deep, warm and friendly, and helps to create a welcoming feature area around the gorgeous black period fireplace. 


We hope these ideas have given you some inspiration to find the best living room wall colour for your space. Our Premium Blend Paint is available in over 2,000 pre-selected shades, so you can be sure that there is a perfect match for you and your family!