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2018 Holiday Colour Inspiration

Feeling relaxed shouldn’t be isolated to your yearly holiday, it should be something you experience as soon as you set foot inside your own home.

Whether your favourite holiday destination is a white sandy beach in Greece or the bustling concrete greys of New York, every place has its own unique style and colour palette that you can bring into your home.

We’ve had a look at some of the top holiday spots for 2018 and the colour inspiration you can use to transport you somewhere far away.

Santorini Blue

It wouldn’t be a blog about travel inspirations without mentioning Santorini. The island is bursting at the seams with colour and we’re not just talking about its iconic blue and white houses. Santorini’s lava cliffs are a cacophony of colour. Every shade of red and orange contrasts perfectly against the tranquil, crystal clear turquoise ocean.

Whether you want a cool, relaxing blue for your living room or a fiery, warm red for your kitchen – Santorini has plenty of colours to choose from.


2018 is a big year for Moscow. It celebrates its 100th year as the capital, and football fans will flock to the city for the opening and closing matches of the World Cup.

You might think of Russia as being perpetually covered in a blanket of white snow, but if you look at Moscow’s skyline you’ll see colour scattered everywhere. Red Square is home to a mix of Russian history and the beautiful natural burnt red bricks or assorted colours of the cathedrals.

Saint Basil’s onion domes not only offer colour ideas, but pattern inspiration too. Its twisting stripes, textured diamonds or vibrant checkerboards can be use to create a playful kid’s room reminiscent of circus big tops.


Amsterdam has always been on the list of eager travellers. But this year sees the arrival of the London-Amsterdam train service so it’s now much easier to get to.

Amsterdam is a harsh clash of old and new school from the swirling, delicate colours of the Dutch Masters to the vivid neons of its clubs and bars. You can create a hive of bright activity or a relaxing thrum of pastel and watercolours, Amsterdam has loads of inspiration so you can bring the cultural city to your home.


As Japan’s former capital, Kyoto is full of colourful culture, and not just in the form of Japanese art. From lush green bamboo forests to dazzling gold Buddhist temples and, in spring, delicate pink cherry blossom trees. Japan’s colours and style oozes serenity but in the right context can be dynamic and fun.

Try gold trimmed accessories or soft pastel pinks combined with positive Feng Shui for an inviting room you’ll want to spend hours in.


Seville is packed to the rafters with beautiful architecture, historic sites, lush gardens and plenty of orange groves. So in terms of colour inspirations, you’re spoilt for choice. From the bright yellow painted buildings to blue tiles of the Plaza de Espana and, obviously, vibrant oranges.

The city’s colours can help introduce light to a room that doesn’t see much natural daylight. Even just a small scattering of yellow and orange can liven up a small, dark room without being too overpowering.

What holiday destination has inspired your home?

Colours used
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