Ruby Romance X31R55F

Clematis Meghan

The Royal Horticultural Society recently honoured the Duchess of Sussex, naming the “Clematis Meghan’ after her.

Valspar has on-trend matches for these bright shades of opulent magenta-purple for those looking for inspiration to brighten their homes this spring.

Whether you’re looking to create a bold statement room or after a light dusting of colour, Valspar shade ‘Ruby Romance R55F’ or the suitably named ‘Princess Heartbreak R68E’ offer the perfect palette. If purple tones are more appealing, ‘Posh Purple R63F’ or ‘Luxurious Lilac R62F’ are also crowning choices.


Top Tip from Sue Kim, Senior Colour Designer at Valspar: Pink is a bright, playful colour which, when styled right, creates a grown up and sophisticated look. Team these vibrant shades of magenta with brilliant white and pops of black for a bold, contemporary look.”


And with the launch of Valspar’s Love Your Colour Guarantee, if you don’t love your new Valspar colour, buy a second one and we’ll give you your money back. Think of it as a second chance if you’re having second thoughts.



Colours used
Posh Purple X28R63F
Luxurious Lilac R62F
Ruby Romance X31R55F
Heartbreak X33R68E