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Colourful room ideas

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Featuring more than one colour in a room is a way to indulge your creativity. There’s endless amounts of fun you can have with colour combinations. Here are a few of our favourites to inspire your next project.

Orange living room colour combinations ideas

Credit: Instagram - @70shousemanchester

Featured colour: Vitamin C

White and orange makes for a perfect colour combo. The bright white is vivid enough to complement this bold Vitamin C shade of orange. The painted underside of the arch helps to keep the theme flowing and expands on the feature wall.

Credit: Instagram - @doodle_moo

Featured colour: Pure Joy

This Pure Joy terracotta isn’t a traditional orange so needs an equally captivating shade of blue. The result is a gorgeous flowing colour combination that strikes the right balance.

This living room is also a fantastic example of using colour combinations beyond the walls. With every piece of artwork, there are hints of orange, blue or both. So if you’re not allowed to paint your walls, introduce colour combinations through furnishings and accessories instead.

Credit: Instagram - @twentieshouseinladybay

Featured colour: Spice Girl

When coming up with your colour scheme, you don’t have to only consider the walls. This burnt orange Spice Girl fireplace surround makes for a captivating focal point. It adds warmth to the blue-green tones and is a brilliant way to introduce a second colour to a small space.

Credit: Instagram - @at.home.with.the.merchants

You might think that orange and green is an extreme retro colour combo, but this soft orange and smoky grey-green show how easily it can be done. Green plants help to ground the scheme, maintaining a look inspired by dusty deserts.

Bedroom colour combinations

Credit: Instagram - @Mynortheastterrace

Featured colour: Misty Loch

Now, this sweet room has to make you smile. Using colour on the lower half of a room while keeping the upper half white ensures your room doesn’t feel cramped. This is a particularly great way to decorate if the room is small. 

This minty green Misty Loch sets up the pastel colour scheme well. It’s gentle, refreshing and complemented by the pinks and purples. It’s a fun but tranquil space.

Credit: Instagram - @ourlifeatno.11

Featured colour: Caramelized Peach

It’s no accident that orange features heavily on this list. Its versatility and warmth make it the perfect escapist shade for any room.

The scalloped divider is a creative take on splitting a room in two; it's whimsical, interesting and joyful. The soft white helps to temper the Caramelized Peach, ensuring this bedroom isn’t too over-stimulating.

Credit: Instagram - @myportlandtownhouse

Featured colour: Silver Eucalyptus

When you think of feature walls, most people paint one wall in a statement colour and leave the remaining three walls white. This bedroom turns that convention on its head. The Silver Eucalyptus green has soft warm undertones which complement the pink. Bed linen then finishes the look, tying it all together.

Credit: Instagram - @homes_and_renovations

Featured colour: Winged Victory

Colour combinations don’t have to be obvious. This bedroom is serene and comforting, with just the slightest hint of a secondary colour. The half-moon detail on the chest of drawers almost looks like a light reflection.

Hallway paint colour combinations

Credit: Instagram - @girl.franks

Featured colour: Bare Necessity & Salty Blue

Your hallway is often the first part of your home guests see and it sets the tone for the rest of the house. And this hallway is mischievous, fun and has loads of personality. This bold design scheme uses pink Bare Necessity as an accent colour to break with the swathes of Salty Blue. The painted ceiling adds more character to create a really stop-you-in-your-tracks look.

Credit: Instagram - @epocalypse

Feature colour: Swallowtail, Apricot Froth, Bridesmaid, Lisa's Way, Sheer Elegance

Statement staircases are in. This pastel colour combo is joyful with every step. From the top of the staircase, you wouldn’t know that this colourful explosion is there but you get a totally different view from the bottom. The pearly white steps ensure the colour doesn’t become over the top for a beautifully fun staircase.

Credit: Instagram - @homewithhelenandco

Feature colour: Fairy Bubbles & Sheer Elegance

This gorgeous pastel hallway is delicate and fun. The ice-cream shades of Fairy Bubbles and Sheer Elegance, while being colourful, aren’t overwhelming to the space. Every accessory has colour reflected in the paint so a well put-together scheme.

Credit: Instagram - @ouremporium

Feature colour: Bee Orchid & Tomato Rose

This fantastic hallway is a maximalist scheme that’s limited by the dimensions of the radiator. The contrast of Bee Orchid and Tomato Rose is striking but full of warmth and welcome. By limiting the maximalist scheme to one section, there’s not too much vying for your attention.


Finding the right colour combinations is all about your personal taste. Choose the colours that you love to create a home you can unwind in. To get you started, browse our 2,000 pre-selected colours to find your favourites.