Jewel Blue X83R154A

Colours fit for a Queen

Just as the name suggests, jewel tones are elegant, strong and sophisticated. Using them in the home makes a big style statement, so embrace it by giving these colours the space they need to shine.

Deep, rich shades like Valspar’s ‘Crown Jewels R50F’ and ‘Jewel Blue R154A’ give a premium, imperial look to interiors, which could work well in personal spaces like bedrooms. Once you have the main colour scheme in place, use neutrals to soften jewel colours to provide areas for the eye to rest.



Sue Kim, Valspar’s Senior Colour Design Expert, says “Jewel tones are great option for dining rooms or busy areas of the home as the shades stimulate energy, appetite and a social atmosphere. Emulating a sense of grandeur – jewel colours can make even the smallest of spaces have royal status.”

To try out the trend with no hesitations, then Valspar’s new ‘Love Your Colour Guarantee’ provides the perfect opportunity to be brave. If the first shade you buy isn’t right for you, then purchase a replacement and get your money back on the first! Find out more by visiting: 


Colours used
Jewel Blue X83R154A
Crown Jewels X25R50F