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Five reasons to decorate with pink

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Pink has seen a resurgence in popularity this year. From Millennial pink to blush accessories and bubble-gum pink velvets, there’s no escaping it.

Because of the number of shades, pink is an explosion of contradictions and can be used to create any kind of mood. Here’s just a few reasons why you should put it to use.

1. It makes a great accessory

If you don’t want to put pink on the walls, it still works as an accent colour on furniture, rugs, vases, picture frames, crockery – you name it! Accessories and small doses of an accent colour are useful ways to experiment with a colour scheme before you make the decision to paint your walls.

2. It goes with pretty much any colour

If you want a colour scheme that’s not just made up of different tones of the same colour, pink is about as versatile as they come. Pair it with deep navy blues to add a coolness to a room; add green palm prints for a jungle-at-sunset look; choose lighter shades for pops of ice cream pastels; or pair with grey for a classic colour scheme.

Don’t be afraid to experiment, pink is much more colour friendly than you may think.

3. It makes a statement

Because of how versatile pink is, it can be used to create a statement and embrace maximalism. Take pink ice cream pastel shades and increase the brightness for an eye-catching, bold look. Or use pink and its many different shades to paint shapes and create an ombre effect.

Pink is a strong colour that can help you express your personality and announce to the world who you are.

4. It’s calming and cosy

While pink can make a statement, the right shades can also be calming and relaxing. Softer, duskier shades are warming and can help to create a cosy atmosphere. Pair with lashings of velvet for a luxurious but comfortable room that you want to kick off your shoes and sink in to.

5. It can be subtle too

You don’t just have to use attention-grabbing shades of pink to use it effectively. Soft and subtle peach shades or cooler lilacs can be used sparingly and still achieve an impactful look. Darker shades with pink undertones can be dramatic but still add a really subtle injection of pink to your home.

For more inspiration, head to our Pinterest boards and start planning your pink paradise.

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