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Grey room inspiration

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Not as dark as black or as light as white, grey is the most versatile neutral. It pairs perfectly with almost any other colour - including other neutrals or bolder shades.

Here are some ways you can creatively use grey in your home.

Grey as a backdrop

Grey is a great way to incorporate bolder colours into your palette without overpowering the space. You can let your colour personality loose but use grey as the anchor shade, which holds the scheme together.

Credit: Instagram - @all_things_interior

Featured colour: Pink Daisy

This bedroom nails the look. A combination of two neutral colours sets this room up for the flashes of Pink Daisy to catch your attention and stand out magnificently among the neutrals. Your eye is instantly drawn to the bright colours in this room, allowing the grey to work its magic and set the stage for the pink. Truly unique.

Credit: Instagram - @at.home.with.the.marchants

Featured colour: Callisto

This Callisto back wall works as the perfect backdrop for this space as it is subtle enough to let the orange pop off the wall while still giving a softness to the room. It acts as a brilliant backdrop and mellows out the harshness of bright orange.

Grey as a focus

While grey is a great background colour that highlights statement colours, it works really well as the focal colour too. Paired with the right decor, grey can be classy and elegant.

Credit: Instagram - @santina_at_home

Featured colour: Howl at the Moon

White is the neutral colour that breaks up the grey, creating a surprisingly light hallway. White woodwork gives the grey space to stand out, and the placement of mirrors bounce light around the room, helping it feel bigger. 

The combination of white and grey perfectly reflects the tones in the marble floor, glamorously tying the room together.

Credit: Instagram - @allabout_thehome

Featured colour: Gotham City

This dining room layers different shades of grey.

The vertical radiator is a rich, intense shade of Gotham City and adds a stylish depth to the back wall. It stands out against the panelling and builds up the colour scheme.

Grey is partnered with other lovely, warm neutral colours to create a homely and welcoming feel.

Grey to bring balance

Because grey is neutral, it’s an excellent shade for tying different colours and materials together.

Credit: Instagram - @_banks_ave

Featured colour: Mountain Ridge

This grey bathroom blends vintage and modern styles. It’s a mixture of warm natural materials and cool industrial-style tiles and bath. These styles are brought together by the expanses of grey on the wall and bathroom.

The shade of grey, Mountain Ridge, has warm undertones perfect for a relaxing and steamy bathroom.

Credit: Instagram - @houseproject_36

Featured colour: Pewter Medallion

This bathroom opts for a similar design choice as the last example but goes for a sleek and modern look.

White is the domineering colour in this room. The shiny tiles bounce light around the room, countering the dark grey Pewter Medallion. This shade of grey is lusciously silky and makes the bathroom feel like a space you can indulge in.

Grey as an accent

Grey doesn’t have to be the dominant colour in your room; it can be a very effective accent colour. The most striking look is to go bold. Bright colours on the wall with splashes of grey on woodwork on accessories calm down a vibrant colour scheme.

Credit: Instagram - @shoesoff_slipperson

This grey and orange bedroom nails the accent look. The Coral Curry wall is the key focus of this room and brings out similar shades in the artwork.

The soft, light grey bed frame adds an airiness to the space, allowing the gorgeous Coral Curry to be the star of the show.

Credit: Instagram - @apartmentfourteen

While going for a bold base and using a grey accent to reign back the colour is a very effective use of accent grey, you can be more conservative with the colours you pair it with. 

This room shows how to use grey as a subtle accent in a neutrally dominated room. 

When using grey as an accent, you don’t have to restrict yourself to grey paint. You can use furniture and decoration as your accent colour and inject some grey into your room that way. 

The grey sofa keeps the tone muted and allows the particular details such as the Saffron Sunset flash stand out and draw your attention (away from that lovely pup). 

Grey is versatile. You can pair it with almost any colour, and it will complement the tone perfectly. It can be neutral and calming or dark and atmospheric but always in style.