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Small room decoration ideas

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When it comes to rooms, size doesn’t have to matter. You can create small and mighty spaces that pack the character of a cathedral into the spare room.. 

Take inspiration from these stylish and innovative small spaces and make the most of your smallest rooms.

It's a jungle in here

Credit: Instagram - @thewrighthouserenovation

Featured colour: Emerald Temple

This bathroom cleverly separates the upper and lower parts of the room to create a lovely spacious effect. Due to the very small size of this room, the designer has had to get inventive and create an illusion of greater space. 

The jungle wallpaper adds depth to the upper portions of the room giving the illusion of looking into a larger area. This paired with Emerald Temple painted panelling transports you to a balcony looking out into the jungle.

The room is beautifully tied together with accents of shining gold on the mirror and on-theme monkey ornaments.

Green machine

Credit: Instagram - @thebresidence

Featured colour: Grenouille

This mean green corner doesn’t see space as a limiting factor. The vibrant eyecatching shade of Grenouille draws attention to the artwork and jungle-themed pieces. It’s small but mighty and is great inspiration for turning a tiny space into something full of personality.

Cosy nursery

Credit: Instagram - @1920s_white_house_on_the_hill

Featured colour: Unicorn Horn

While you can’t make a small room bigger, you can create the illusion of height. The gorgeous pink Unicorn Horn panelling only runs three quarters of the way up the wall, with the remaining quarter white like the ceiling. This helps to make the ceiling appear higher. The hanging canopy also draws your eye upwards, turning a small nursery into a cosy space..

Light neutrals

Credit: Instagram - @littleediebeadie

Featured colour: Camisole

Crowded rooms, whatever their size, will feel small. Lighter colours and neutrals help a room feel bigger. You can take this one step further and paint the walls and ceiling the same colour. This gives your brain less to process, making a small space feel calm and spacious.

Mirror, Mirror

Credit: Instagram - @leanneandthecottage

Featured colour: Lip Gloss

Bathrooms are generally some of the smallest rooms in a house so mirrors are useful in bouncing light around the room. Plus, they’re very handy when you’re shaving or doing your hair! This bathroom’s soft blush pink Lip Gloss helps add character to this dreamy spa bathroom.

Geometric pops of colour

Credit: Instagram -

Featured colour: Tuxedo Blue

Minimalist decor keeps a space uncluttered. Through predominantly white walls there’s still a feeling of space but the colourful geometric shapes add character. By painting the shapes mid-height, this again adds an illusion of height. This room has all the tricks to make a small room impactful and spacious.

Mountain mural

Credit: Instagram - @theloftonthelade

Featured colour: Bottlefly Wings, Always Greener, Mantis Nymph & Darling

This mural properly takes advantage of our 2,000 pre-selected colours. The gorgeous mountain scene with flowing river creates a feeling of depth - almost like you could reach straight into the painting. The adjacent white wall helps to put all the focus on the mural, ensuring the rest of the room feels spacious.