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Taking interiors trends outdoors

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There’s no reason why interiors trends need to stay indoors.

Introducing colour to your garden is easy and will make it look appealing even when it rains. We’ve taken some of our favourite trends from this year and adapted them to work in the garden.

Clashing colours

Clashing colours is already a big interiors trend that can be easily replicated outside. Start with your favourite colour and just find the opposite on the colour spectrum for the perfect clash. We’ve got over 200 colours for you to choose from to help you bring this controlled chaos outdoors.

There’s loads of ways you can introduce clashing colours to your garden and that’s even before you get to the plants!

Try painting each individual wooden chair a different colour or juxtapose your shed door with the rest of the structure.

Planting some poppies? Paint the pot green. Planning on putting in some daffodils? Introduce some purple.

Colour of the year

Violets are really easy to look after but can spread themselves far and wide, so it’s best to keep them in an enclosed area. They can also be planted almost any time throughout spring and autumn but are generally best planted in spring.

There’s so many different shades of violet too, that you can really go overboard with this trend and create a purple paradise.

The mystery of Scandi Noir

Scandi Noir is all about dark backgrounds with bright pops of colour. But how does this translate to your garden? Well you could choose to do this literally by picking a dark colour for your wall or fence and using bright flowers to contrast.

Another option is to pick plants with muted, natural colours and sparsely throw in pops of colour. You could also plant them in bright pots or do the opposite and use bright colours in dark pots.

There’s so many combinations and this look will work particularly well in a small garden for high drama.

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