Golden Beet X68R139E

Time for an Industrial Revolution

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Dark painted walls can work in both large and small spaces, providing a grounding effect that gives the eye a place to rest.

Black can make a powerful impact in any room, allowing you to create a dramatic and stylish look, whilst enhancing the accompanying colours and shapes around it.Complement black walls with exposed brick, and team with copper and gold accents to achieve a contemporary, industrial style, that’s bang on trend.



You might think there’s only one shade of black, but subtle hints of grey, blue or green can transform the colour into several varieties. Valspar’s new Love Your Colour Guarantee® provides the perfect opportunity to try something new with colour. If the shade you’ve chosen isn’t quite right, then use the service to buy another one and get your money back on the first. Find out more by visiting:





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Golden Beet X68R139E
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