How to tidy up the exterior of your home

Sometimes it’s the small jobs that can make a huge difference.

If you’re thinking the exterior of your home needs a facelift, paying attention to the details can instantly inject life and a cleaner appearance. And the best bit is, it takes very little effort!

It’s all about the detail

The trims around your windows and door frames often become dull and dirty. Our exterior wood and metal paint is perfect for the bits you might neglect. It’s available in 2.2 million colours so you can exactly match your window trim with the colour of your front door!

Clean your uPVC

There are so many advantages to uPVC for the exterior of your home but one of the best has got to be how easy it is to clean. All you need is a cloth and a bucket of warm soapy water. That really is it. Just give your uPVC a quick wipe down to remove all the built up grime and you’ll be amazed how much a difference it makes.

Bring the colour to life

If you have a wall or fence simply giving it a lick of paint will help to revive the outside of your home. Before you start painting make sure you’ve cleaned the surface and, if it’s an old rough fence, given it a sand down. This will help the paint stick evenly.

When it comes to colours for your fence, we’ve got 200 for you to choose from so you can express your personality outdoors too. It’s all long lasting and weatherproof so if you opt for bright red or a moody blue, it’ll last for years to come.

Or try a complete overhaul

Now this isn’t a small job by any means but it will definitely transform your home. For a really eye-catching refurbishment, why not paint the entire exterior of your home? And you can do this in literally any colour you want. Our antiflake masonry paint is available in 2.2 million colours so you can give the outside of your home a truly unique colour.

Combine all or just some of these steps with a quick mow of your lawn and the exterior of your home will look good as new in no time at all.