Blend V300 Walls & Ceiling

Valspar® Blend v300® is an easy to use emulsion available in a selection of today’s most popular colours.

Thanks to its durable formulation, you can easily clean and maintain your walls and ceilings, without compromising the colour or finish. So however you express yourself in your home, you can have the look you love for longer.

Available in 2.5L & 5L Matt and Silk - 90 colours


Long lasting paint that’s easy to clean and maintain.

Bring the colours you love to life

Browse our 2,000 pre-selected colours or we can create your own unique colour

How much paint will I need?

Calculate how much paint you need using our coverage calculator


Our Interior Paint Promise is the foundation of all our interior blends, ensuring colour accuracy, easy application, and quality across our entire range.

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When paint is dry, the paint hides 98% of the surface.

Paint Promise wipeability


Wipe and clean marks with a dry or wet cloth, without paint coming off.

Paint Promise Splatter Resistance

Splatter resistance

The paint won't splatter off the roller.

Pure Colour Paint Promise

Pure colour

Consistency, accuracy and vibrancy of paint.

Bathroom Paint

How much do I need?

Paint Coverage Calculator

Simply enter the size of the area you'll be painting and our calculator will tell you how much product you need. 

Calculations are based on one coat of paint.



You will need 30L to cover this area