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Our brilliant Premium Walls & Ceilings paint is officially the Good Housekeeping Institute’s Best Washable Paint. 

Assessed on application, consistency, coverage, washability and durability; Good Housekeeping tested the paint to see if wiping or scrubbing affected the colour or finish. 

Good Housekeeping found that our paint is resistant to scuffing, and marks come off quickly. After cleaning, the colour maintains its brightness, and the paint looks good as new.

It wasn’t just scrubbability tested. Good Housekeeping also compared the paint colour with the colour on the tin to see how accurate it is.

11 other popular paints were tested, and Premium Walls & Ceilings came out on top, scoring a fantastic 83/100.

Officially rated the Best Washable Paint, Premium Walls & Ceilings is perfect for busy households, giving you a finish that looks its best for longer.

Pick up a tin of Premium Walls & Ceilings in your favourite colour from your nearest B&Q.