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Valspar paint chips are painted with real paint; however, colours may vary due to lighting conditions, sheen and the surface you are painting. We always recommend narrowing your selection to a few colours and taking a tester pot home to try the colour on your wall.

Yes, for best practise we recommend you use a Valspar Primer & Undercoat, it will give a durable, even finish that really shows off your colour. As it is tintable, it also provides a base for some of our darker, or more vibrant colours or any Base C products. New bare plaster must be sealed with Valspar Primer & Undercoat before painting.

You can actually save time and money. Make sure to let your undercoat dry for at least 2-4 hours to ensure maximum adhesion and durability.

For all Wood and Metal products, Valspar Wood Primer & Undercoat is a must for ALL surfaces, especially if previously painted with an oil based gloss.

Paint colour is created through a combination of colorants and bases that can literally reproduce millions of colours. At B&Q, your colour sample is measured for Valspar® paint colour matching via a spectrophotometer that can read any colour the human eye can see. The measurements are turned into a paint formula to create your custom colour.

A solution of 3 parts of water and one part of white spirit should do the job. However we cannot guarantee this will remove everything.

We would recommend using our Classic Kitchen & Bathroom paint as it is designed for rooms exposed to frequent cleaning and high humidity. It is also stain, mould and mildew resistant.

We would always say 7 days to allow the product to be fully cured to its maximum durability, we would not recommend washing the surface or exposing to elements outside and heat or humid conditions inside within this curing period.

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