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Frequently asked questions

Paint colour is created through a combination of colorants and bases that can literally reproduce millions of colours. At B&Q, your colour sample is measured for Valspar® paint colour matching via a spectrophotometer that can read any colour the human eye can see. The measurements are turned into a paint formula to create your custom colour.

A tint base provides a neutral starting point to enable the paint to be tinted into thousands of colours. There are different base types that are specially formulated to tint certain colours. This ensures your paint will give the best possible coverage and the truest colour.

Valspar paint chips are painted with real paint; however, colours may vary due to lighting conditions, sheen and the surface you are painting. We always recommend narrowing your selection to a few colours and taking a tester pot home to try the colour on your wall.

Yes, for best practise we recommend you use a Valspar Primer & Undercoat, it will give a durable, even finish that really shows off your colour. As it is tintable, it also provides a base for some of our darker, or more vibrant colours or any Base C products. New bare plaster must be sealed with Valspar Primer & Undercoat before painting.

You can actually save time and money. Make sure to let your undercoat dry for at least 2-4 hours to ensure maximum adhesion and durability.

For all Wood and Metal products, Valspar Wood Primer & Undercoat is a must for ALL surfaces, especially if previously painted with an oil based gloss.

The best thing to do when you are planning your painting project is to buy enough paint before you begin so your colour is consistent. Use our online paint calculator to determine exactly what you’ll need for your job. While it is possible to match a colour to an existing wall colour (or to leftover paint), slight variations may occur. Try to end your existing colour at the edges of a wall.

Yes, the radiator will need to be sanded down and primed beforehand with Valspar Primer & Undercoat. Our Premium Interior Wood & Metal  paint can heat up to 100 degrees. The radiator needs to be turned off and cool before, during and after for a few days to let the paint dry.

No, you would need a specific radiator paint to withstand the temperatures.

We would advise that our paint has elements that aid coverage and hiding but the product does not have the ability to seal a porous substrate as a primer would.

Yes, our Exterior Masonry Paint is microporous.

The term 'microporous' is often applied to specialist paints and stains and describes a coating that acts as a barrier to liquid water, but allows water vapour to pass through.

The special feature about the coating is that it keeps rainwater out of the substrate, but allows moisture that has found its way into the substrate escape as a vapour. Although almost all coatings will act as a barrier to liquid water, it is not correct to imply that coatings can be made so that moisture vapour can only travel through them in one direction. Moisture vapour will be able to pass through a coating equally well in either direction: from places where there is more moisture, to places where there is less moisture. The rate at which moisture passes through a coating is controlled by the permeability of the coating, the moisture content gradient, the film thickness, and the temperature. 

Solvent-based products typically contain high levels of Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) and were traditionally for use on wood and metal surfaces, giving a glossy finish but associated with longer drying times and a strong smell, However, water-based products have typically low levels of VOC and have come a long way over recent years, with many companies offering a water-based paint equivalent to a solvent-based option. The benefits of a water-based product includes quicker drying times, less smell, and easier cleaning up with brushes and rollers being able to be rinsed with water rather than white spirit, making the whole decorating process more environmentally friendly.

Washing solvent-based paint from brushes required the use of white spirit or solvent-based brush cleaners, which in themselves release VOCs when used, and are difficult to dispose of because of their hazardous nature. Therefore, using water-based paints, where brushes can be washed in soapy water, can further reduce the environmental impact of decorating.

Water based and oil based products are not compatible to be used together.

Yes, the Valspar Premium Wood & Metal paint can be used on MDF. We recommend priming the surface before painting it.

We recommend 2 coats of primer to seal the surface followed by 2 coats of topcoat. The primer will seal the substrate and provide added durability. It will also increase the hiding and coverage of the paint.

We would recommend using our Classic Kitchen & Bathroom paint as it is designed for rooms exposed to frequent cleaning and high humidity. It is also stain, mould and mildew resistant.

We would recommend using the Exterior Wood & Metal Trim for outdoor use. This paint is specially formulated for exterior use and guarantees protection against cracking, flaking and peeling for up to 15 years. The UV resistant formula ensures the colour will not fade and it is also mould resistant.

Yes, as long as there will be no naked flames in direct contact with the paint.

Before you start painting anything that produces heat, we recommend you touch the surface to see how hot it is. If you can leave your hand there for a couple of minutes, it should be fine to paint. If it's too hot, we don't recommend you paint until it's completely cool.

Also, you will need to allow time for the paint to be fully cured before using the fireplace/wood burner.

For a plaster, plasterboard, or previously painted wall, we recommend using Premium Walls & Ceilings and for wood or metal substrate we recommend Premium Wood & Metal.

No, Hexadecimal colour formulas are used for graphic design and web design. If you know the RAL number however you could contact the Customer Service Team and ask them for the closest match.

A solution of 3 parts of water and one part of white spirit should do the job. However we cannot guarantee this will remove everything.

It offers a complete protection guarantee against cracking, flaking, peeling, discolouration etc. with the exception of naturally getting dirty and maybe slight fading from sunlight, which of course cannot be helped and is inevitable.

Oil based paints dry solid and tend to fade quite drastically and crack quite easily in the various weather types, whereas water based paints tend to deal with these conditions at lot better. Our water based paint has the capability to expand and retract with the seasons.

We would always say 7 days to allow the product to be fully cured to its maximum durability, we would not recommend washing the surface or exposing to elements outside and heat or humid conditions inside within this curing period.

Use our Store Locator to see the closest stockist to you.

Love Your Colour Guarantee FAQs

You simply need to complete the Refund Request Form

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  • Classic Walls & Ceilings 2.5L
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  • Kitchen & Bathroom 2.5L
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  • Trade Wall & Ceilings 10L
  • Exterior Masonry 2.5L
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You can either take the required photo with a smartphone or digital camera. If completing the form on a computer, save these images to your desktop and then simply use the browse option on the template to locate and upload them.

If using your smartphone, then simply choose the browse option on the form and locate form your photo library and upload them.

Please note, the images need to be uploaded via the online form and not sent via the post or email.

If all necessary information has been submitted, then customer services will process this refund via BACs transfer. Please note, this is the only refund method that Valspar use. This can take 3-4 working days depending on your bank.

Once the refund has been processed, your payment details will automatically be wiped from our customer service interface. So please rest assured, we do not keep these details on file.

You can make a claim via the Love Your Colour Guarantee once during the promotional period.