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Valspar paint teams up with Professor Charles Spence for a unique public experiment to discover the rationale behind individual paint choices.

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First-of-its-kind experiment explores the science behind personal colour choice.

In March 2019, Valspar paint has recruited members of the public to take part in a ground-breaking experiment to finally discover if it’s possible to achieve the ultimate home temperature, simply by changing the colour on our walls.

The unique study, developed with the Crossmodal Research Laboratory to launch Valspar’s Love Your Colour Guarantee, aims to help people discover the perfect paint colour for their kitchen, bedroom and living rooms, based on their individual responses.

The series of scientific experiments, developed by world-renowned ‘multi-sensory architects’ Bompas & Parr measure emotional response in a variety of controlled scientific environments. The study discovers how taste, aroma, sound, sight and touch alter in response to the primary colour spectrum, answering age old quandaries across British households:

  1. What effect does home paint colour have on our body temperature?
  2. Is it possible to bring tranquillity to the family space using paint colour?
  3. Can colour improve our sense of taste in the kitchen and improve our family meals?

Psychologist, Professor Charles Spence, head of the Crossmodal Research Laboratory, comments: “Colour preference is extremely personal and subjective, and it will be interesting to see the effect that multi-sensory aspects can have on our colour choices. This trial should answer common household questions about the benefit that colour can have in our homes.”

Jane Ryder, European Marketing Director, Sherwin-Williams, says: "Valspar knows that Brits struggle when it comes to picking a paint colour, and we want to make the decision easier. We’re so confident that these experiments will help people make the right choice for them, that we’ve introduced the Love Your Colour Guarantee. If you don’t love your new paint colour when it’s on the wall, tell us about it through our website and we’ll give you a second paint colour for free!”

At the end of the experience, participants at Valspar’s Institute of Primal Colour were able to discuss their individual findings with the Director of the Institute, Mark Wentworth, leaving with a personal paint palette to help them to make the right choice in the paint aisle.