Painting over our stereotypical names
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Painting over our stereotypical names


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Ahead of International Women’s Day (Sunday 8th March), we are holding our hands up and acknowledging that some of our pink paint names are formed of old-fashioned gender stereotypes that no longer have a place in modern day society. Soon to be brushed out of existence are the names of pink hues including Dollface, Sweet Angel, Girly Girl and Ladylike.

When choosing new names, we have turned away from gender stereotypes which have given pink a bad name and selected empowering, gender-neutral terms including Woke Up Like This, Anything You Can Do, Fearless and Like a Boss.

Today, we announce the four new names and launch our #RethinkPink campaign where we are asking the public to take to social media to comment on the new names and also help them rename a further four paint colour names.

Social media users and supporting influencers will be able to vote on the new names as well as help select names for the remaining four – Shy Girl, Dolled Up, Faint of Heart and Dainty Delight – by heading to Facebook and on Instagram.

The new colour names will be announced on March 31st 2020, will appear on the website in April 2020 and will start emerging in-store later this year.