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Colour trends: A royal palette

Just like the rest of the country we’ve been swept up by the royal wedding.

Megan Markle has brought her own unique and classic style to the royal family and it’s so eye catching that we couldn’t ignore it. To honour the ground breaking wedding and new addition to the royal family, we’ve created Megan her very own colour palette.

A foundation of neutrals

Megan’s style combines classic neutrals like Perfect White and Cappuccino Foam with striking deep colours.

And this is easy to recreate in your home. Whites and creams create a smooth base colour and can help bounce light around, especially in a larger room.

If you opt for neutral walls, offset them with dramatic furniture in deep colours to draw all the attention to your furnishings.

Make a statement

Each of Meghan’s outfits has a statement item. From a gorgeous deep green skirt to a royal family favourite tartan coat – the rest of her outfit is always neutral to emphasise her statement piece.

So, just like Meghan, pick a piece of furniture or specific colour to show off and keep everything else in your room neutral. This could be a luxurious velvet sofa, a statement work of art or a simple Royal Concerto painted wall.

Be playful

Meghan’s style is undeniably classic with a modern, playful twist. Experiment with brighter colours like Royal Mews Gold and Spring Fever in geometric shapes for a different approach to timeless colours.

We’ll probably never be lucky enough to know how Meghan will add her style to Nottingham Cottage or Apartment 1 at Kensington Palace, but we imagine it will ooze sophisticated chic!

Colours used
Cappuccino Foam R77A
Royal Mews Gold X68R139D
Royal Concerto L16dW31b