Rugged Olive X132R252C

Colour trends: All about Olive

The ‘new’ base colour for your interior needs - olive green paint is a timeless shade that spans a spectrum of rich, warm and earthy tones, working perfectly in living spaces as a contemporary alternative to grey.

Olive paint's versatility means you shouldn’t just limit the colour to walls, you can also use it on wall panels to create a striking effect, or even paint interior doors and window frames to make rooms cosier.


Valspar shade ‘Pressed Olives R239A’ packs all the punch of a dirty martini offering a harmonious combination of both bold and calm, whilst rich darker tones provide a serene and sophisticated backdrop especially when paired with mahogany furnishings. For those looking for a paler option, colours such as Valspar's ‘Rugged Olive R252C’ work particularly well alongside neutrals, providing a more contemporary and understated interior.

Top Tip from Sue Kim, Senior Colour Designer at Valspar: “For a modern take on the trend, try pairing olive tones with brass accents to create an elegant, yet stylish, minimalist décor.

Green isn’t a shade to shy away from and is one that certainly works in the home. Think bold and beautiful – pair it with pink! The two colours sit opposite each other on the colour wheel as a sophisticated duo to breathe new life into rooms.”



Colours used
Pressed Olives X119R239A
Rugged Olive X132R252C
Manzanilla Olive X120R228A