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5 front door colours to inspire you

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Your front door is the first point of entry into your home. It goes a long way in setting the tone for the rest of your interior, and the right colour can create a huge statement from the moment your guests arrive. Not only that, but your door should also make you, and your family feel happy and warm every time you return back home.

If you are looking to give your front door a refresh this spring, and need some front door paint colour advice, below we have some exciting painted door inspiration to share. 

From pretty pinks to warming oranges, there is a new door colour to suit you and your home…

Front door colour inspiration
1. The pastel blue front door

A soft, pale blue door will give your entrance a happy and calming feel. Fresh, bright and modern, a pastel blue paint matches well with white door frames, and works well with chrome, gold or brass door handles and accessories.  

Perfect for both country cottages, and terraced town houses, this is a versatile choice of door colour that won’t date and is sure to have many admirers as they pass by. 

Wellies and fresh flowers are optional!


Credit: Instagram - @scotts_victorian_cottage

Featured colour: Cottage Door

2. The sage green front door

Earthy and organic, a sage green door helps to connect your home with all of nature outside. 

Gold or brass knobs and knockers work particularly well with this theme, as do small elements of glass within the door itself to let the light shine through. Sage green blends especially well with natural stone flooring slabs, terracotta walls and fresh white door frames, such as those featured below. 

Be sure to flank your green door with plenty of plants and greenery such as bay trees and pots of lavender to further make that connection between your home and the outside world.   

Credit: Instagram - @lady.m_at_home

Featured colour: Rugged Olive

3. The pretty pink front door

Pink front doors are definitely having a design moment and are an increasingly popular choice for chic households. With many shades and tones to choose from, pink is a versatile colour, and has many positive associations. From bubble-gum pink to dusty rose (such as the image below) a pop of pink adds personality to your home’s entrance and creates a warm, welcoming vibe. 

Pink painted doors work especially well with panelling, and elements of glass blend well to give a light and airy feel. See how the rest of the door frame is also painted pink in the example below, which further highlights the space and really brings the entrance together. 

For a true London-townhouse feel, pair your pink front door with monochrome floor tiles and modern uplighters to give the perfect contemporary welcome. 

Credit: Instagram - @house.of.handley

Featured colour: Serengeti Fire

4. The cosy coral front door

With a firm nod to Mediterranean living, a coral front door evokes the feelings of the simple and romantic aesthetics of Southern Europe. 

Warm and welcoming, a coral front door appears soft and pairs really nicely with red brick houses for a great tonal match. The rain glass feature in the door below helps to let plenty of light in on either side of the door, as well as maintaining privacy, and the chrome accessories give a modern edge to the design.  

Be sure to surround your coral front door with plenty of terracotta pots to give a further nod to the Med. Rosemary plants, succulents and jasmine flowers all work well, and are easy to care for throughout the seasons.


Credit: Instagram - @our_second_first_home

Featured colour: Rhubarb and Custard

5. The burnt orange front door

Orange is a colour representative of vibrancy and fun, but tone it down slightly into a muted shade and you are left with something grown-up, classy and charming. 

A burnt orange front door works well on a modern or mid-century home, and blends especially well with black frames and accessories, such as on the door below. Door panels help to give the colour texture and depth, and once again, the glass element helps to lighten the overall effect. 

Not just for Halloween, an orange door looks fabulous all through the Great British seasons – from balmy summer days when the sun gives it a natural shimmer, to cold winter evenings when you are welcomed home by its warm and cosy ambience.  

Credit: Instagram - @ourwestfieldbungalow

Featured colour: Cello

We hope that the above examples have given you plenty of inspiration to start painting your own front door. Whether you choose a blue, a pink, or an orange front door for your home, always be sure to use a high quality wood primer undercoat and wait for a dry day before starting your paint job.