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UK's first basketball art court

Lois O Hara Basketball Art Court Brighton

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Valspar has been working with Brighton-based, artist Lois O’Hara, to turn a run-down, public basketball court into a unique work of art aimed at spreading positivity. It took 14 days and 485 litres of Valspar Masonry paint to completely transform the space.

Located in Saunders Park, Brighton, the court will be the first of its kind in the UK and has been designed to bring the previously derelict sport area back to life and uplift the surrounding community.

Lois used Fiery Sky, Passionate Peony, Bougainvillea and Jellyfish Blue from Valspar’s Masonry range to completely transform the space into a vibrant exhibition. With exceptional coverage, durability and performance, the 15-year Masonry Paint will ensure Brighton remains colourful for years to come. The UK’s first basketball art court, in collaboration with Basketball England and Project Backboard, is open to the public and features a colourful concoction of abstract shapes and fluid lines centred around the slogan ‘JOY’ to inspire happiness to all who see it.

Find out more about Lois’ passion over colours and art and her plans for the future from our interview.

V: Hi Lois! You have a fantastic signature style, when was it that you decided to turn your love of colour and design into a career?

L: About a year ago I started to really focus (obsess) over building a career in design. Things are happening rather fast at the moment and my persistence is starting to really pay off, I am so grateful! I think when you focus so intensely on something, you will naturally attract it into your life. 


V: Tell us about the first big project you worked on.

L: Redesigning ‘Patterns' Nightclub / Bar / Terrace in Brighton was quite a big project and this kickstarted my career! I used Valspar paint to bring life and colour back to their venue and now I always see people taking pictures on the summer terrace and it brings me so much joy! 


V: Have you always lived in Brighton? It’s such a fun and vibrant city that you must find inspiration all around you. Is that why you love living there?

L: Yes I have always lived in Brighton except when I studied at Arts University Bournemouth for 3 years. That didn’t really work for me though; I was itching to get back to Brighton! I am just never bored, there is always something going on. The streets could be a tad cleaner but at least my art is bringing colour to the city!


V: Tell us about the amazing Rainbow Crossing project, in collaboration with Valspar.

L: This was a fantastic project and I am so grateful that Valspar were on board! The Rainbow Wave Crossing is 17 metres in length and Brighton Council wanted me to paint something in that space to attract the public from the beach to the shops. It took 3 days to complete and the colours are still as vibrant as ever, even 2 months on. I love seeing people taking selfies on the art piece and children running up and down it!


V: Why did you choose to approach Valspar and what is it about the brand that works with your style?

L: Funnily enough, I have always used Valspar’s Exterior Masonry Paint as it comes in SO many colours and is SO durable. These 2 elements are essential for my work. The paint is so nice to work with and it’s so smooth. The first thing people usually say when they see me painting is “Wow look at those colours!"


V: If you were a Valspar shade, which would you be and why?

When I am working, I am Fiery Sky and when I am relaxing I am Jellyfish Blue!


V: You have been working with Valspar on the UK’s first Basketball Art Court, in association with Project Backboard and Basketball England. This was a huge project, what inspired you to take it on?

L: This is my biggest project yet and the court measures over 1050sq metres! I contacted Project Backboard asking whether I could paint a court with him and he suggested that I start my own initiative in the UK. Saunders Park is a park in Brighton which was really run-down and I just knew that this would be the perfect area to paint, to try and bring life to the area again and encourage more play.

colourful basketball court in Brighton

V: You clearly care about your community and spreading positivity, will your upcoming projects take on a similar stance and is giving back to the community important to you?

L: Yes this is where my passion lies. I think everyone needs a boost from time to time and I love spreading positivity through the use of colour; teaching others how powerful the mind can be.


V: You love using bright, bold colours. What advice would you give to people wanting to emulate this in their homes?

L: If you love colour and want to re-decorate your room, I would start by painting everything white and then design two colourful feature walls! You can then complete the look by adding colourful accessories. Passionate Peony is the best vibrant pink in my opinion! However, I love the Merry-Go-Round shade as it’s the perfect pastel pink. These pinks looks great with a bright Fiery Sky orange and Scuba in Aruba teal. Citrus Sensation is a gorgeous mustard yellow.

pink table and lamp with orange wall

V: If you could redecorate any building in the UK, what would it be and why?

L: I would love to re-design an entire hotel! 


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