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Looking for some project inspirations, need help with colour trends or guidance to complete a project? We're here to help! Browse our colourful inspiration pages or check out our How to guides to achieve the best results.

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Cool Agave X125R257F
Sapphire Earbobs X73R158A
Found Treasure X69R140D
Colour Trends

Dare to be Bold

Marmalade Magic X35R60D


Choose from 2,000 pre-selected colours

paint colour match

Create your unique colour

Our colour matching technology can match over 2.2 million colours, all from a sample as small as a sugar cube.

Bathroom Paint

How much do I need?

Paint Coverage Calculator

Simply enter the size of the area you'll be painting and our calculator will tell you how much product you need. 

Calculations are based on one coat of paint.



You will need 30L to cover this area

Pieces of Eight R129E


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