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Whether it’s a picture you’ve seen in a magazine, a colour scheme you’ve fallen in love with from Pinterest, or the colour of a lampshade, we can match 2.2 million colours.

Bring us a sample and we’ll instantly generate a unique colour formula that’s 99 –100% accurate and can be mixed into any interior or exterior paint.

So whether you’re decorating your walls and ceilings, wood and metal trim, or your kitchen and bathroom, with our unlimited range of colours you can create a truly personalised palette for every room in your home.

How it works

Our exact colour matching is as simple as 1-2-3.

1. Bring a colour sample to your nearest B&Q

Our colour matching team will scan the sample and create your custom colour recipe.

So we can accurately scan and match the colour, your sample should be:

- At least 0.5cm in size

- Not too glossy

- Not full of holes

Please note that we can't match a colour from phone or tablet screens.

Want to match colours from a digital photo? Try our photo uploader here and see which Valspar colour is the closest match. 

2. Mixing your bespoke paint colour

Once we’ve matched your sample and have the colour recipe, you need to choose which type of paint you need. We can create custom colours for the majority of our paints.

Whatever you’re painting, we have the right finish to make sure you get the best results. Our in store teams can help you choose the right product for your project.

We then mix the colour formula into your tin of paint for you to take home. To make sure you really love your custom colour, we recommend you try a tester pot first.

You can also name and save your colour in the instore system so you can visit any B&Q and mix another tin of your colour.

3. Enjoy your new look

All that’s left to do next is decorate.

The end result is a colour scheme and high quality finish that lasts as long as you love it.

If for any reason you don’t love your new colour, our Love Your Colour Guarantee means you can buy a new colour and we’ll refund you the cost.

Trust your colours. Visit your local B&Q store with your colour sample today.