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Discover the Colour Effect

With over 2.2M colours to choose from, at Valspar we are committed to help you colour not just with confidence, but also with purpose.

That’s why we’ve enlisted the support of colour psychologists and relevant experts to create this guide: to offer you a taste of colour theory, so you can then add your own spin and use The Colour Effect to aid in issues like stress, sleep disruption or Seasonal Affective Disorder.


Colour is one way you can turn your bedroom into a tranquil setting, priming yourself for sleep. Hear from our experts and create a cosy cocoon of dark tones to relax your brain ready for bed.

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Change the tone of winter with shades that reflect as much natural light as possible. Explore a taste of colour theory with our expert colour psychologists.

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Stress is often a sign of over-stimulation and a busy brain. When used right, colour can help you unwind and decompress. Combat stress and soothe your mind with tonal and uniform colour combinations.

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How it works
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  • Take time to read your pack and select your colours
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We hope you find this introduction to The Colour Effect helpful. However, this is just guidance, so please seek professional support if you’re facing mental health issues.

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