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How to paint a wall?

Once you’ve properly prepared your wall, you can move on to painting it.

Here’s an easy step-by-step guide to painting your walls.

What you’ll need

Follow the steps in the video:

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Step 1

Mask bits off

Mask the edges of your skirting, ceiling, window and door frames. This will make sure you only paint your wall and nothing else.

masking the edges

Step 2

Dip your paintbrush

Open your paint can and give it a good stir to ensure there are no lumps and the colour pigment is thoroughly mixed together. Grab a 2” paint brush and load it up with paint. Cover half of the bristles and wipe it on the rim of the paint tub to prevent build up and remove excess paint.


Step 3

Cut in around the edges

Apply paint first to the edges by the masking tape. This will make it easier to do the rest with a roller.

paint with brush

Step 4

Load the roller

Pour your paint into a roller tray and evenly load up your roller by rolling it firmly over the ribbed section of your tray. Use a light, consistent pressure and apply it to your wall in a V shape for an even spread. This will help you keep a wet edge and blend the edges together to stop a ridge of paint forming. Be careful not to work too quickly or you’ll produce a fine mist of paint spray. Wait two hours for it to dry before applying a second coat. If you need to paint behind radiators, use a radiator roller to coat the wall while the rest of your paint is drying.


Step 5

Tidy up

Slowly remove the masking tape at a 90 degree angle while the paint is still wet. And that’s it! You now have a freshly painted wall.