A kitchen is more than just another room in your house, it's the gathering place for many occasions. From family Christmases to summer afternoon drinks with friends, the kitchen is the heart of a home.

Has your kitchen seen better days? Is the decor outdated and drab? Or does it just need some excitement put back into it? Take a look at these 10 stylish kitchens to get inspired about your next kitchen makeover.

Blush pink modern country kitchen

The beautiful blush pink complements the white fittings and fixtures perfectly. It’s a light and summery kitchen with modern country vibes; a contemporary twist on a traditional style. 

The busy shelves and work surfaces create an almost maximalist feel to this space, showing it’s a well-loved kitchen.

Credit: Instagram - @little_york_house

Blush pink modern country kitchen

Roman Serenade


50s diner-inspired kitchen

These aqua cabinets add a pop of colour to contrast the neutral white walls, creating a colourful look that’s not overpowering. This bright, striking green gives this space a 50s feel without becoming too kitschy. 

This small space has bags of chic personality, proving that size doesn’t matter when designing your dream kitchen. 

Credit: Instagram - @soul_canteen

50s diner-inspired kitchen

Tip of the Iceberg


Cooking up contrasting colours

The painted deep teal cabinets clash with the bright orange oven* to draw attention to the lust-worthy statement oven. It creates a perfect contrast with the 'in-your-face' colour of the oven. If you want to try a bold colour scheme like this, look at the opposite colours on a colour wheel and experiment with tester pots.

*This beautiful oven is made in orange, not painted. Please note that our paints are not suitable for ovens.

Cooking up contrasting colours

Outdoor Escape


Bright and fresh blues

This sleek and bright kitchen is like a breath of fresh air. The muted and soft blue walls combined with light oak flooring and worktops create a timeless and tasteful scheme. Despite the cool blue, the warm natural woods lift the kitchen into a cosy space you’d love to spend time in.

Credit: Instagram - @littlebristolterrace

Bright and fresh blues

Flannel Grey


Mediterranean-inspired style

Our Night Swim blue contrasts beautifully with white tiles to create a sleek look reminiscent of dusky summer skies. The mason jars and natural materials refine and perfectly accessorise the room,  showing it’s easy to create a practical and stylish kitchen.

Credit: Instagram - @styling.house.stark

Mediterranean-inspired style

Night Swim


Modern rustic mustard

This kitchen doesn’t follow any conventions and shows that your personal style should rule. The mustard yellow in contrast with the grey-blue cabinets, proves that above all be confident in your choices. This colour combination gives this room a light, airy feel, but the reclaimed splashback focuses the eye, adding an edge to the decor.

Modern rustic mustard

Trilling Meadowlark


Boho natural paradise

Grazing Green makes for a classic shade for upcycling furniture, just like in this kitchen. The dark shade complements the lightly sage green cabinets and the theme is continued in accessories.  From the radio, kettle and even the blanket and plant, green is everywhere. It’s distinctly boho without veering into rustic, and the splash of orange helps to disrupt the pattern.

Credit: Instagram - @scotts_victorian_cottage

Boho natural paradise

Grazing Green


A green dream

This kitchen goes hard for a natural colour palette in a wonderful way. Wasabi Chocolate on the cabinets paired with light oak worktops and shelves gives a natural look. 

The black window, complementary accessories and fixtures are a great way to make the most of a feature you might not like. And the colourful art prints are a fantastic example of how simple accessories can tie it all together.

Credit: Instagram - @enter_the_baileys

A green dream

Wasabi Chocolate


Pink and green pops

This kitchen oozes bold personal style. The pastel pink walls and complementary shades on the woodwork are a fantastic choice; there’s even pink grout between the tiles! Then the wine bottle green cabinets disrupt this theme, creating a striking look. 

However, it’s in the details where this kitchen really shines. Pops of gold on the light fixtures and cupboard handles help tie the two strong colours together.

Credit: Instagram - @thepinkterrace

Pink and green pops

Dim Love


Modern colourful kitchen

This is the epitome of personal style. Confident colour choices from the bright pistachio cupboards to the salmon-coloured walls are all tied together with the beautiful geometric tiles. Copper handles on the cabinets complement the muted colours of the rest of the room. 

Credit: Instagram - @tinyhomefortwo_plustwo

Modern colourful kitchen

Sweet Genius


Now you’ve got the inspiration, take on a kitchen makeover of your own. Our Kitchen and Bathroom paint is available in 2,000 of our own colours, so you can create a kitchen that turns into a heart of the home.

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