The sun may be shining, but we're looking towards colder climes for interior inspiration this summer.

We’ve had Hygge, Lykke and Lagom, and now it’s the turn of, Scandi Noir. Inspired by Nordic TV dramas that seem to grip us every series, Scandi Noir is all about dark, dramatic colours accented with natural finishes for a luxury meets cosy feel.

1. Start dark

The easiest way to get Scandi vibes is to go dark. Greys that are ‘super dark but not-quite-black’ are dramatic yet surprisingly cosy. Black Bean, Black Currant, Dolce Domino and Ides of March are all on-trend greys that lend themselves well to that coveted Scandi Noir atmosphere.


2. Contrasting accents

If you’re put off the idea of painting a wall completely grey, white or lighter accents are the perfect way to break up the expanse. But be as you’ll quickly lose the moody scandi vibe that grey oozes.


3. Choose natural finishes

Scandinavia is known for its outstanding natural beauty, so it’s only right that you choose natural finishes to tie the room together. Wooden tables, plenty of foliage and natural metals like copper or gold trim, keep a natural ambiance whilst adding a stylish twist.


4. Don't be scared

Dark walls can work in rooms large and small, so don’t think that it will be overpowering – even in a small space! For smaller rooms, use fewer accessories or smaller pieces of furniture to ensure the room doesn’t feel too cluttered. If you’re really apprehensive though, download our Pick-a-paint app to see how your colour will look on your walls before you make your mind up.