If your bathroom is in need of a new lease of life, then a lick of paint might be all it takes to achieve it. 

The most important thing to remember is that bathroom paint ideas don’t have to be bland or boring. Adding a splash of colour will reinvent the space, making it a cool place to relax as well as feel refreshed each day. 

What is the best paint colour for a bathroom?

Well, a bathroom is a very personal space, therefore the best colour will be one that’s completely unique to you. You might be a fan of green bathrooms, or perhaps pink is a shade that makes you feel calm and relaxed? 

Luckily, as well as our 2,000 pre-selected paint colours, we can also create a custom colour paint that is truly personalised to you; transforming your bathroom was never so easy!

Here are some of our favourite bathroom colour ideas to get your creative juices flowing…

Green bathroom paint ideas

This funky green bathroom may be small, but it is big in personality. With a firm nod to nature and the natural world, it has a totally tropical feel with tree green panelling and cheetah print wallpaper. The green accessories and plants top things off for a cohesive and curated look.

Credit: Instagram - @thewrighthouserenovation

Green bathroom paint ideas

Pale greens are especially soothing, and here, the delicate wall colour adds harmony to the neutral bathroom fixtures and fittings around it. The glass shower panel gives a contemporary feel, and the wicker candle holder is a lovely touch to finish off the overall tranquillity of the space. 

Credit: Instagram - @styling.house.stark

This vintage-style shade of green adds a retro ambiance to the bathroom, which is further complemented with splashes of coral in towels and accessories. The scalloped edges add oodles of personality to the space, and help to soften the contrast between the green and the white paint above it. 

Credit: Instagram - @eveshouseofeden

Fickle Pickle


This bathroom has been given a real celebrity feel and oozes glamour from the floorboards up! The green wall paint is a great backdrop for the framed prints and the white shelving, and even though there is a lot going on in such a small space, all the features work really well together. The finished result is both quirky and inviting. 

Credit: Instagram - @caradiseblog

Pastoral Peace


Grey bathroom paint ideas

Earthy and natural, this is the perfect space to retreat to for a relaxing bath after a long day. The putty grey wall paint matches so well with the grey grout in between the tiles, and the painted green bath camouflages in with the houseplants, wooden flooring and bathroom door.

Credit: Instagram - @banksave

Grey bathroom paint ideas

This modern grey bathroom balances a monochromatic theme with earthy details to bring the outside in. The bathroom cabinet and walls are painted with the same Toy Soldier paint colour, and match perfectly with the darker shades from within the floor tiles. 

Credit: Instagram - @houseproject_36

Toy Soldier


Teal bathroom paint ideas

When you can’t decide between a green or blue colourway, teal is a great in-between choice for your bathroom paint! Here the teal contrasts with the stark white tiles and grout for a refreshing combination of colour. The coastal-inspired wall prints and plenty of greenery bring the bathroom alive with character.

Credit: Instagram - @the_velvet_home

Teal bathroom paint ideas

Panelling works really well in a larger bathroom, adding a further layer of charm, and helping to create a more intimate space. Here the panelling has been painted in a mid-blue custom shade, which is perfectly matched with the base tones of the floral wallpaper hung above it. The pastel pink bath is a real feature piece in this fun and quirky bathroom. 

Credit: Instagram - @theoldfarmhouseproject

Yellow bathroom paint ideas

The mix of white and yellow wall paint in this bathroom creates a happy space that is full of light and cheer. Sticking to just one wall of yellow paint keeps things interesting, without it being too overbearing in a small space. The spotty towels add yet another touch of playfulness to the room. 

Credit: Instagram - @rubyreds_semi

Yellow bathroom paint ideas

Kernel of Truth


This vivid royal-blue-painted panelling is perfect for a contemporary take on a period townhouse interior. The bathroom is lucky enough to have lots of natural daylight flooding in from the window, which means that there is no loss of light from using such a deep blue paint shade.

Credit: Instagram - @homemilk

Monochrome bathroom paint ideas

The monochrome colour scheme in this bathroom feels like an interior you might find in a lovely boutique hotel. The white wall paint on the ceiling and upper part of the wall helps to bounce the light around, while the black painted elements add a certain chic and glamour to the space. 

Credit: Instagram - @thesefourwallsandinbetween

Monochrome bathroom paint ideas



Pastel bathroom paint ideas

Totally kitsch and individual, this bathroom offers a fun place to get ready each morning. And with those pastel colours to wake up to, how can you fail to feel positive as you prepare for a new day? This example goes to show that you don’t always have to paint your walls conventionally. Adding interesting shapes and colour combinations gives a personality that is just as unique as you are. 

Credit:Instagram - @girl.franks

Featured colours: Soul Kiss & Spun Sugar

Pastel bathroom paint ideas

Orange bathroom paint ideas

Orange paint might seem like a scary option for a bathroom, but this peachy shade is by no means threatening or garish. In fact, it is quite the opposite. The wall paint adds a harmonious feel to the space, combined with the white tiles and wooden basin shelf. The finished appearance is warm, inviting and almost Mediterranean-like. 

Credit:Instagram - @jess_a_home

Orange bathroom paint ideas

Ripe Peach


Now that you have plenty of colour inspiration for your bathroom, it’s time to start the preparation! Our Classic Kitchen & Bathroom delivers a long-lasting finish, which is mould resistant and scrubbable. What’s more it’s available in over 2,000 pre-selected shades, making it simple to find the best bathroom paint colour for your home.