Unicorns are absolutely everywhere this year. From pastel shades to softly striped hair and even rainbow coloured food - there's no escaping it!

It’s a trend that’s appealed to kids and adults alike and is now making its way into interior design. If you want to create a mythical paradise in your home, here are some of our favourite ways to add a sprinkle of unicorn magic.

The easiest way to get that unicorn vibe is through soft pastel colours like pinks, greens and yellows. Pastels are an easy way to add bright shades to your home without it feeling too overwhelming. You can add hints here and there or go all out and decorate to your heart’s content.

The beauty of unicorns is that they’re mythical creatures. So, if you want to use pastel shades to create patterns or paint your very own unicorn, go for it!

Break it up with bright whites

Taking further inspiration from unicorns, splashes of bright white can break up your playful pastels and add a clean feel to your home. Use it to segregate or emphasise different colours for a striking but soft look.

Be bold – use glitter!

If you’re not keen on using pastel shades or you want to step up your unicorn decoration a gear, try out Paint Glitter. It can be used with your favourite colour to add a shimmery shine to your wall.

Available in gold, silver or bronze, just mix it in with your paint and apply it to your wall for some extra unicorn magic!

Go mad with accessories

A unicorn themed room wouldn’t be complete without actual unicorns! Luckily it’s such a big trend that you’ll easily find unicorn homeware that you love. From cushions to tea pots, bedspreads and even garden gnomes – you’re bound to find something that sits perfectly in your new unicorn room.