Mirrors have a magical power to transform a space – making it appear lighter, brighter, and even bigger. Not only that, but they come in all colours, shapes, and sizes, enabling you to create a focal point to complement your personality, as well as the rest of your room interior.  

Luckily, we are armed with plenty of living room décor ideas and advice on where to place your mirrors. Take a look below to find your favourite. 

Living Room Decor Ideas

When you have dark grey painted walls in your living space, as well as grey furniture and accessories, a neatly placed circular mirror can add a contemporary and contrasting touch. 

The mirror will help to reflect light around the darker areas of the room and will work particularly well when positioned opposite a natural-light-filled window. Here the mirror is positioned next to a long wall shelf and is in good proportion against an interesting sculpture on the other side. 

Credit: Instagram - @laurahome

Living Room Decor Ideas

Mirrors don’t have to stand alone. In fact, they look great in groups. Here the trio of bamboo-style mirrors compliment the eclectic boudoir vibe of this living space perfectly. 

A series of mirrors can add character and interest to a white painted wall, and look especially great when surrounded by plenty of lush, green plants to reflect in the glass. 

Credit: Instagram - @sophiiiewoods

When you have a large wall to fill over a sofa or cuddle chair, then a large, round mirror can provide much visual appeal. 

Thinking about where to place your mirror? Be sure to position it right in the centre of your piece of furniture to keep things symmetrical and balanced.

Credit: Instagram - @ourmillcottage

Nothing says “hello sunshine” more than a feature wall in yellow paint and a large mirror to reflect the sunlight all around the space. 

Circular mirrors with very thin frames look modern and chic and ensure that maximum light is reflected from their large surface area.

Credit: Instagram - @atcraigsandlauras

Tall mirrors aren’t just for bedrooms. If you have a living room with a high ceiling, then a long mirror hung vertically can help to fill the space and maximise light all around. 

Think about what your tall mirror is reflecting. You could hang it opposite a painted feature wall or your favourite piece of artwork to bounce around more colour and personality.

Credit: Instagram - @thepinkterrace

If your living space is a sanctuary of calm and relaxation, then placing a mirror on a main wall offers a tranquil alternative to a piece of artwork or canvas. 

In an all-white space, you could opt for a mirror with a darker frame to separate it from the wall paint, but keep it thin and narrow to carry on the neutral vibe. 

Credit: Instagram - @samanthajoyhome

Antique mirrors are great statement pieces that double up as artworks when placed in the right position. Here, the mirror is centred above the sofa on a dark feature wall, giving it prominence and grandeur with its chunky gilded frame. 

Head down to your nearest antique market or auction to pick out a piece that ties in with the regal Bridgerton look that is trending right now.

Credit: Instagram - @husneara_begum_

Credit: Instagram - @sisters_homestyles

Geometric shapes are causing a stir in the interior world at present. But, if you don’t fancy following the geo wallpaper or flooring trend, then a geometric mirror is a great alternative. 

Feel free to go bold and choose a weird and wonderful geo shape that will make an impact on your wall space.

For many of us, our home interior is a showcase of our individual personality and style. And, it’s not hard to see that the owner of this living room is a big fan of colour, light and shape. 

Everything in this space is unique and quirky, and the large, sunshine mirror completes the vibe. It also creates a nice blend in between the two juxta-positioned wall colour patterns.

Credit: Instagram - @Retrojo5

As well as being practical for light and visual benefits, mirrors can be beautiful decorative objects, especially when they boast beautiful texture such as this basket weave mirror frame. 

Blending your mirror frame with your wall colour is also a great way to layer textures and create yourself a little space filled with character and interest.

Credit: Instagram - @styling.house.stark

Continue to be inspired

As you can see, there are many living room mirror ideas that you can use to achieve your dream look. With so many interesting styles and designs to choose from, it all comes down to a matter of taste and preference. Hopefully, you are now feeling inspired and ready to hunt out your perfect piece to hang proudly in its place in your living room. 

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