The beauty of moving into a brand-new home is that you start with a completely blank canvas.

The interior possibilities are endless and you can shape your space to become anything that you envisage it to be.

But it can be a little bit intimidating to know where to begin. Here’s some practical decorating tips if you’re about to move or have just moved in.

1. Examine the space

It might sound obvious but taking the time to actually look at your empty rooms and consider where your furniture will go is a good place to begin. Take into consideration the natural lighting of the room and how this will be impacted by furniture, the room size and if there are any features you want to emphasise or hide.

This doesn’t just extend to architectural features. If you have an amazing painting you want to highlight or a really impressive coffee table, think about how the way you decorate can draw attention to your favourite pieces.

1. Examine the space

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2. Find inspiration

Pinterest is a go-to for home interiors inspiration so see if it’s a good fit for you but first of all set yourself a plan and direction. Consider what kind of style you want throughout your home and how you want each room to make you feel. Do you want the living room to be cosy or minimal? Will your kitchen be hi-tech or homely? Is your bathroom functional or an oasis of peace?

Our inspiration blog and Paint Club are packed with ideas and techniques to help you decorate your new home.

2. Find inspiration

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3. Build up the detail

If you’re completely starting from scratch – white walls, beige carpet and no furniture – it’s best to get the essentials in order first. It’s easier to paint and decorate with no furniture getting in your way and by focusing on one room at a time, you’ll be able to move furniture around and slowly create your dream home.

When it comes to furniture, buy the essentials first and then slowly add details like soft furnishings, accessories and smaller pieces of furniture.

This way your new home project won’t feel overwhelming and you can build up your home at your own pace.

3. Build up the detail

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