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We know that choosing a colour for your home can be an emotional decision. It can be tough to decide on just one colour, or pair different colours to create the look you want.

We’ve developed a few helpful tools to help you choose your perfect Valspar colour. The photo uploader means you can colour match any image.

Photo Uploader

Upload a photo and find your matching paint colour

Whether it’s a snap of a colourful front door, a picture of autumnal trees, or a photograph straight from a magazine, use our tool to find which of our 2,000 colours matches the one you love. Simply upload your photo, choose the colour you want to match and we’ll do the rest.

Colour Quiz

Find your personal colour palette

Answer 5 simple questions about you, your life, and your likes & dislikes and we’ll give you a palette of colours that would be perfect to use in your home!


Love Your Colour Guarantee

Choosing colour for your home can be an emotional decision, so to give you confidence, we created the Love Your Colour Guarantee. It’s as simple as this, if you don't love your new Valspar colour, buy a second one and we’ll give you your money back.

Eligible products only, please ensure to read the Terms & Conditions before purchase.


Create your unique colour

Our colour matching technology can match over 2.2 million colours, all from a sample as small as a sugar cube. Go to your local B&Q to create your own paint colour.

Be inspired

Looking for some project inspirations or colour trends? Browse our colourful inspiration pages featuring the latest color trends. We'll show you the Valspar colours used as well.

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