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How to make a living room cosy

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Comfort is the top priority for your living room. But are you struggling to relax completely? Is it feeling a little sterile and lifeless, preventing you from properly unwinding? Here are some easy wins when it comes to creating a lovely cosy living room.

Cosy living room ideas

Colours have a massive psychological impact on us; they can affect our mood and even heart rate. Blue is the best colour for this, so choose this shade if you want to be enveloped in relaxation.

Where blue makes you physically relaxed, most other cooler tones give a...well, cooler atmosphere. Warm tones achieve the exact opposite and help make your living room cosy. 

If your living room is north facing, warm colours are a great way to help the space feel lighter. But if going all out with warm tones is too much for your taste, pair it with complementary cool tones for balance. Think terracotta peaches like Sunbaked Brick, cool violets like Alpine Forget-Me-Not

Cosy living rooms aren’t just relaxing; they’re intimate and personal too. So consider using memories to guide your design choices. They might be inspired by nature, shades that remind you of a holiday or hues that take you back to childhood. Just remember to choose colours with warm undertones for a supremely cosy living room.

For more ideas and a full cosy colour palette, download our guide to creating a cosy living room.


As well as colour, furnishings have a big impact on the cosiness of your living room. Pillows, throws and blankets are inviting and, by their nature, cosy. Continue your colour theme or choose complementary shades for the ultimate snug living room.

Lighting plays a big part in cosiness too. Choose lightbulbs or lighting schemes with warm colours instead of cool white bulbs. Use these bulbs in plenty of lamps around the living room, using those instead of the big overhead light to create an atmosphere.

Warm cosy living room ideas 

To get you started, here are some of our favourite warm living rooms.

Rippling reflections of golden sunlight

Cosy colours don’t have to cover every wall. Small snippets here and there still achieve the same effect as this beautiful corner shows. The mirror bounces light around the room, and the natural woollen textiles and plants help ground the colour scheme. Neutral whites offset the warm golden yellow, creating a space you can really relax in.

Credit: Instagram - @at_craig_and_lauras

Featured colour: Cat’s Meow

Mediterranean peachy terracotta

This gorgeous peachy shade exudes warmth. Reminiscent of Spanish terracotta tones, this colour scheme perfectly balances warmer shades with a cooling blue. The creative colour blocking introduces secret crisp shades while the gallery wall brings the two contrasting colours together.

Credit: Instagram - @doodle_moo

Featured colour: Fiery Sky

Snug yellow haven

This vibrant yellow exudes happiness. Even in dark winter months, this shade can make any room feel cosy. The complementary sandy tones mellow out the bright pop of colour while maintaining a warm and cosy undercurrent. 

Credit: Instagram - @cartref_llysdyfi

Featured colour: Bonjour

Cosy corners 

Even small corners can radiate warmth and cosiness. This beautiful balmy orange contrasts perfectly with the cool grey curtains, and the flashes of bright white accessories help tie the look together. It’s a cosy little nook rich with texture and colour.

Credit: Instagram - @styling.house.stark

Featured colour: Chasing Butterflies

Cosy grey living room ideas

Grey is all the rage, but using this shade doesn’t mean your living room won’t feel cosy.

Dark comforts

Think dark walls can’t be cosy? Think again. This beautiful charcoal is imposing but feels like a warm hug. The combination of natural textures, lighter grey tones and twinkling fairy lights add brightness to this room, so the colour doesn’t feel overwhelming. It’s very easy to picture yourself here with a hot mug of something tasty.

Credit: Instagram - @laurahome_

Featured colour: Charcoal Sketch 

Grey is the new neutral

This grey is striking and cocooning, but the warm brown leather and pops of orange in the painting help to break up the grey and act as accent colours. It’s hard to imagine this look working well with anything but grey.

Credit: Instagram - @jessicaanswer

Featured colour: Village Smithy

Opulent optics

This living room oozes cosy style. The wicker peacock chair, plants and flashes of vibrant colour add bags of personality to the neutral backdrop. The painted ceiling helps to make the room feel cosier-  so you’re enveloped in colour.

Credit: Instagram - @runcis_at_no9

Featured colour: Carriage Wheel (black), Mimi’s Kimono (orange)

Chic sleek cosiness

The toffee-coloured sofa creates a warm contrast to the dark wall. Light touch accessories help tie the dark and lighter colours together, creating a familiar and cosy scene.

Credit: Instagram - @husneara_begum_

Featured colour: Downing Street

Cosy vintage living room

Grand cosy elegance

The panelled walls, roaring fire, big chunky furniture and crisp shade of blue make this living room joyful. This shade of Sea Dog helps to keep the space visually interesting, turning what would otherwise be a cool colour scheme into a cosy scene. 

Credit: Instagram - @primrosehouse_21

Featured colour: Sea Dog

Deep blue royalty

Small touches of this deep royal blue would leave a room feeling cool, but using it floor to ceiling creates an enveloping feeling. The array of furniture from different periods and textures helps to add depth and make a cosy living room fit for a queen.

Credit: Instagram - @thesolomoores

Featured colour: Royal Concerto

Modernising Edwardian wall panelling 

This beautiful shade of grey has strong blue undertones, which are reflected in the soft furnishings. The blue-grey keeps it relaxing while the orange adds warmth. It finds the balance between classic styles and vintage retro for a perfect mishmash of cosy colour.

Credit: Instagram - @at.home.with.the.marchants

Featured colour: Rocky Shelter

Plush buttery yellow walls

This living room looks like the perfect place to unwind after a long day. The delicious buttery yellow is inviting, and the rust-coloured cushions balance the deeper orange carpet and the golden yellow paint.

Credit: Instagram - @atnumberfortyseven

Featured colour: Wild Mustard Seed

Cosy modern living room

Blue beauties

These complementary shades of blue highlight similar colours in the wallpaper to create a relaxing space. The Berber-style rug, plants and blankets add the cosy comfort you want, making a big spacious room feel that little bit more intimate.

Credit: Instagram - @the_shoestring_home

Featured colour: In the Deep Blue Sea

Bringing sunshine indoors

This creative colour blocking is an excellent example of how one flash of colour can add personality and charm to an otherwise neutral room. The dark flooring is a perfect contrast to the bright walls, keeping the room cosy.

Credit: Instagram - @apartmentfourteen

Featured colour: Saffron Sunset

Pink and purple colour blocking

We love this bold design choice. The dark shades of complementary pink and purple help to make a tall room feel cosier. At eye level, this room will feel extremely relaxing through the purple, but the pink opens up the wall and ceiling, leaving an overall brighter effect.

Credit: Instagram - @eclectic.1920s.build

Featured colour: Sunset Rose (ceiling), Chestnuts in the Park (wall)

Pops of primary colour

This living room’s colour scheme is happy, cheerful, bright and relaxing. The teal blue is warm and inviting, while the different textures introduce luxurious comfort.

Credit: Instagram - @sophiecsophiedo

Featured colour: Russian Turquoise