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Bedroom ideas

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The average person spends one-third of their life asleep, so why would we settle for anything less than perfect for our bedrooms? 

It should be our oasis of calm where we can decompress and really unwind. Colour and decor goes a long way to achieving that.

To get you started on your dream bedroom, here’s some of our favourite looks.

Cotton hues for a blissful sleep

Credit: Instagram - @lovedbyleannehome

Featured colour: Dusky Morn

Neutral tones like Dusky Morn give a calming peaceful feel to a space. It perfectly sets the tone for a bedroom where you can relax, unwind and drift off.  The natural textiles contribute a cosy wistful vibe, taking this bedroom to an ethereal level.

This beautiful warm beige is so versatile that you can use it as your only colour or as the base for something brighter.

Dare to be different

Credit: Instagram - @maisonette_on_the_corner

Featured colour: Dance with the Wind & Quince Blossom

This bedroom is bold, attention-grabbing and full of personality. But that doesn’t mean it’s not relaxing. A calming space is all about somewhere you feel comfortable in and this bedroom certainly achieves that.

While the colours are vibrant, they’re still grounded in natural-occurring shades. The deep earthy tone of the khaki contrasts the smoothie-like pastel peach to create a naturally striking look.

Thoughtfully planned out accents in the mustard yellow cushions and flashes of pink tie it all together.

Boho black

Credit: Instagram - @letsby.avenue

Featured colour: Bass Note

Deep inky blacks like Bass Note aren’t typically found in a boho bedroom. But true creativity doesn’t come from following conventions. 

Pairing the jewel hues with the boho decoration of the room makes this bedroom a real gem. 

The rattan headboard, dried plants and cosy blanket introduce lighter natural tones to an otherwise dark room. The vintage-inspired cushions maintain the theme and add flashes of pattern for variety.

It’s very easy to picture yourself with a book in hand settling down for the night.

Mustard magic

Credit: Instagram - @countrysidedunham29

Featured colour: Golden Sue

Mustard’s warming brown undertones help it feel less stimulating than some other yellow tones. It’s almost golden in some lighting so it’s the perfect choice for your bedroom. Its sunset warmth is comforting and relaxing with the added bonus of helping you wake up happy.

The tonal shade of yellow offset Golden Sue to create a flowing scheme. The contrasting grey and rich browns help to ground the yellow and the panelling of cream stops the yellow from overpowering the room.

A home away from home

Credit: Instagram - @manchester_midterrace

Featured colour: Elephant in the Room

This sumptuous bedroom is a real luxury. The grey panelling is indulgent yet elegant and wouldn’t feel out of place in a hotel. The pop of yellow in the artwork adds a striking focal point, complementing but disturbing the heavy greys and browns.

Transporting you to the tropics

Credit: Instagram - @tinyterrace25

Featured colour: Mint Intermezzo, Dusky Zinnia & Green Reflection

Close your eyes and you could swear you hear rain on the forest floor. Taking its cue from tropical colours, the mint greens add a brightness which is complemented by the dusky pink. This ties perfectly with the tiny hints of wallpaper and helps to lift the darker shades of green but the white keeps the scheme centred.

Plants are a fantastic addition to bedrooms. Some like aloe vera release oxygen at night which can help you get a better night’s sleep.

Mimic the night sky

Credit: Instagram - @design____story

Featured colour: Secret Mission

This cosy alcove looks like the perfect place for a restful night’s sleep. The solid grey nook is reminiscent of deep midnight skies and we can’t think of anything better to look at while we fall asleep. By focusing on a contrasting colour, the alcove is the focal point of the room and looks super stylish when offset by white. The subtle touches of colourful accessories help to add depth and softness to the overall look.

Dark drama

Credit: Instagram - @our.home.and.hound

Featured colour: Black Bean

Everything about this room is calming (including the dog!). The imposing shade of black is perfectly broken up by the natural panelling and white furniture. The flashes of red in the bedding helps to tie the whole look together to create a bedroom that’s so comfortable, you’ll find yourself making excuses to get under the duvet.

A masterclass in colourful minimalism

Credit: Instagram - @14onthepark

Featured colour: Peaceful Taupe

This room is a brilliant example of colourful minimalism. The wall is almost neutral with pinky undertones which are picked up in the rug and chair. The greeny-blue cabinet and chest of drawers help to emphasise the same shade in the rug. Then the orange and brass bed frame cut through it all and bring out the warmth of the room and floorboards. It’s simple but effective and a great way to align your minimalism and colour-loving tastes.

Purrrfect teals

Credit: Instagram - @weeleithcolony

Featured colour: Teal Dreams

Half-height panelling makes a fantastic alternative to a headboard and gives you more creative control. This flash of teal is like a dusky summer morning and is extra responsive to light - it gets darker in low light and brighter in sunlight. The yellow offsets the teal perfectly and contributes to the sunny feeling of the bedroom.

Bringing nature to the bedroom

Credit: Instagram - @home.thirtyfour

Featured colour: Mystic Mocha

Fancy a cat nap? Natural sandy tones are fantastic at making a bedroom feel calm and relaxing. The addition of plants brings an effortless flash of colour while maintaining the overall inspired-by-nature theme of the room. This is underscored by the geometric shapes which help the room feel tranquil with their regularity.