Coordinating Colours

Blue Bouquet

X90R188F View Colour

Set in Stone

X37R75E View Colour

Greenish Grey

X142R276B View Colour

Lovers' Secret

X33R68D View Colour

Nostalgia Blush

R121B View Colour

Get Up and Go

R120D View Colour
Coordinating whites

White Hot

L17AW33E View Colour

Woodland Wildflower

W10E View Colour

Clover Fairy

L20AW37E View Colour

Any shade in this gradient will coordinate beautifully with Slice of Heaven

How will the colour really look in your home?

Slice of Heaven

direct sunlight

How will the colour look in your home?

The lighting in your home can subtly change the look of colours. Sunshine is often a true reflection of the colour, whereas fluorescent lighting can add a blue tinge and energy saving bulbs find a middle ground between the two.

Our lightbox will give you a good indication of how your colour chip looks in different lighting, just click the buttons to see the changes.

For the most accurate reflection, pick up a tester pot to see how the colour looks in your home.

Disclaimer Screens and printers display colour differently, so how it looks on your mobile might not be the same as how the paint colour will look on your wall. We recommend picking up a colour chip from our range in B&Q before you make a decision. All of our colours must be mixed in Valspar paint to ensure accuracy. Colour may vary depending on lighting conditions, sheen and the surface you’re painting.

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