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Cream PAINT is fresh, warm and inviting. And it certainly doesn’t have to be boring.

Cream is the perfect crisp colour if you want a classic look that’s fuss-free. Choose from one of our pre-selected cream paints or, if you find the perfect cream that you fall head over heels for, we can match and mix it instore.

Brushed Cotton R82A
Lion of Hadrian R83A
Gentle Shadows R82B
Ancient Relic R83B
Worn Canvas R82C
Soaring Hawk R83C
Perfect Backdrop R95A
Natural Soap R96A
Quill R96B
Sheepskin Rug R95B
Ode to Joy R95C
Earthy Beige R96C
Navy Bean R79A
Gentle Lamb X48R81A
Soft Pelican X48R81B
Elk Antler X47R94B
Brown Bunny X47R94C
Brown Owl X46R93C
Biscuit Crumbs X46R93A
Palest Satin X47R94A
Beach Dune X46R93B
Cocoa Dust R92B
Lark Song R92C
Puppy Love R91C
Noble Driftwood R80A
Safari Map R91A
Warm Alpaca R91B
Sling Your 'ook R80B
Oyster Shoal X48R81C
Packed Sand R80C
Gentle Slumber R92A
Puppy Paws R90A
Wisp of Cocoa R90B
Creamy Latte X40R89B
Snug as a Bug R90C
Lord of the Jungle X40R89C
Sahara Dust X40R89A
Morning Hush R76A
Je M'Appelle Missy X39R88B
Alpaca Mittens R87B
Cremini Mushroom R87C
Dream Weaver X39R88C
Cappuccino Foam R77A
Cambric Lace X38R78A
Rabbit's Foot R79B
Ziggy X38R78B
Smooth Pebbles X38R78C
Turning Tables R79C
Sheer Blouse R86A
Marshmallow Cocoa X39R88A
Peaceful Taupe R86B
Misty Mink R85B
Woven Cashmere R86C
Silver Mauve R85C
Peaceful Soul R85A
Pink Alabaster R87A
Seed Cathedral R77B
Boardwalk Sashay R76B
Moonlit Pebble R76C
Portobello Cream R77C
Urban Haze R12A
Dusky Morn R11A
Aged Parchment R12B
Dusty Birch R11B
Mountain Boulder R12C
Wet Pebbles R11C
Cashmere Blush R3A
Beluga Song X1R1A
Heather Haze R3B
Whisper Soft X1R1B
Frisky Whiskers X1R1C
Waiting Game R3C

Natural Soap R96A

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