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Yellow paint will brighten up any room on even the gloomiest and wettest days. It’s your own slice of sunshine in your home.

It’s optimistic, promising and happy. Yellow is stimulating and the perfect colour when you need that extra boost to finish and important piece of work. It’s also a colour that’s heavily rooted in our memories, so why not pick a shade from your past to put a smile on your face?

Frites X68R139A
Glowing Reviews X68R139B
Mind Your Beeswax X68R139C
Royal Mews Gold X68R139D
Golden Beet X68R139E
Stratford on Avon X68R139F
Dulcinea X69R140A
Luscious Lemondrop X69R140B
Bonjour X69R140C
Found Treasure X69R140D
English Primrose X69R140E
Gilded Age X69R140F
Sun Sparkle X70R141A
You Are My Sunshine X70R141B
Oopsy Daisy X70R141C
Buttered Corn X70R141D
Golden Cupola X70R141E
Queen Anne X70R141F
Swallowtail R142A
Bee's Knees R142B
Simply Brilliant R142C
Zany Jane R142D
Table for Two R142E
Illuminate Me R142F
See the Light X72R143A
Melted Butter X72R143B
Hive Delight X72R143C
Cabana Glow X72R143D
La Vida X72R143E
Nectar of the Goddess X72R143F
East of the Sun R144A
Wild Daffodil R144B
Pursuit of Happiness R144C
Lime Drop R144D
Sugar Leaves R144E
Perennial Pleasure R144F
Sweet Neroli X67R128A
Radiant X67R128B
Honey Tangerine X67R128C
Angel of the North X67R128D
Autumn Beech X67R128E
Yam X67R128F
Soft Focus R129A
Cup o' Custard R129B
Golden Sue R129C
October Moon R129D
Pieces of Eight R129E
Sunset Spice R129F
Float Like a Butterfly R130A
Buttered Crumpet R130B
Tropical Smoothie R130C
Sense of Wonder R130D
Grand Estate R130E
Golden Fleece R130F
Dainty Daisy X71R131A
Happy Place X71R131B
Trilling Meadowlark X71R131C
Melancholy Monkey X71R131D
Sunwashed Meadow X71R131E
Pay It Forward X71R131F
Morning Has Broken R132A
Pineapple Crush R132B
Lantern Glow R132C
Lady Ophelia R132D
Green Almond R132E
On the Terrace R132F
Ginger Kitten X55R115A
Gentle Nudge X55R115B
My Chai X55R115C
Cat's Meow X55R115D
Sweet Mulled Cider X55R115E
Autumn Rush X55R115F
Mellow Moment X56R116A
Suntan X56R116B
Feline Frolic X56R116C
Lion's Slumber X56R116D
Cuppa Tea X56R116E
Release the Hounds X56R116F
Cupcake X57R117A
Dune View X57R117B
Toasty X57R117C
Rustic Wicker X57R117D
Horsing Around X57R117E
Mandolin X57R117F
Shelley's Light X58R118A
Painted Ash X58R118B
Sand Mountain X58R118C
Sun Valley Vista X58R118D
Retrofit X58R118E
Hunting Jacket X58R118F
Subtle Glow R119A
Shifting Sands R119B
Consomm? R119C
Wild Mustard Seed R119D
Mishmosh R119E
Organic Style R119F
So Close R120A
Glass of Bubbly R120B
Sahara Sun R120C
Get Up and Go R120D
Family Tree R120E
Natural Evolution R120F
Almond Sugar X43R104A
Farm-Fresh Eggs X43R104B
Slice of Brioche X43R104C
Elegant Earth X43R104D
Dancing Bear X43R104E
Ploughman's Pickle X43R104F
Fair Lady X44R105A
Silken Stockings X44R105B
Woven Jute X44R105C
Sassafras Tea X44R105D
Brown Button X44R105E
Natural Brunette X44R105F
Speckled Eggs X45R106A
Crushed Nutmeg X45R106B
Mystic Mocha X45R106C
Char Latte X45R106D
Forest Majesty X45R106E
Wagon Train X45R106F
Fuzzy Scruff X59R107A
Spiced Latte X59R107B
Castell Harlech X59R107C
Crumbling Cork X59R107D
Coconut Husk X59R107E
Luxurious Walnut X59R107F
Galadriel X60R108A
Tanglewood Park X60R108B
Hazelnut Parfait X60R108C
Frontier Paradise X60R108D
Tweed Jacket X60R108E
Florentine Dream X60R108F

Sunwashed Meadow X71R131E

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