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Choosing colour for your home can be an emotional decision, so to help you choose, Valspar are offering the Love Your Colour Guarantee®. It’s as simple as this, if you don't love your new Valspar colour, buy a second one and we’ll give you your money back.

If you don't love your colour, here's what to do...

Step 1

Buy a new colour

Buy a new colour of an eligible Valspar Paint from B&Q. Do not return the original colour to the store. Be sure to keep both receipts, you won’t be able to claim without them.

Eligible products only (check here before buying), in 2.5l, 5l and 10l products, up to 10l of the same product, finish & colour. Please check Terms & Conditions for full information. Please note, 1l can size and 'wood and metal' products are not eligible.

Step 2

Take a photo

Begin painting in your new Valspar colour, when you are half way through take a colour photograph showing the initial colour and replacement colour side by side on the wall. We must be able to see at least 1m x 1m of each colour.

Step 3

Submit your refund request

Fill out the online form and submit your information for a refund on the full purchase of the replacement colour.

Step 4

Check your email

You’ll receive an email from Valspar with a claim number included, this will be used when we contact you to process your refund.