A lick of blue paint can totally transform the personality of a room. Whether it’s a baby blue, duck-egg or midnight blue, the effect of blue painted walls, ceilings or furniture can be calming, fresh and modern, especially when teamed with the right accompanying shades and accessories.

In this article we will take a dive into different blue paint ideas for each room in your home - from blue living room paint to blue kitchen paint, and blue hallway paint ideas too. Hopefully, once you’ve finished reading this, you will feel inspired to embrace the blue trend, and start the preparation for your new decoration project!

Blue Living Room Ideas

Your living room is likely to be the hub of your home; therefore, it’s important to find a colour that is inviting, versatile and durable to spend time in and socialise. Blue living room paint makes a superb choice as it provides a calming atmosphere for your family to gather and relax. Powder blues, such as the custom shade above, are especially favoured because they provide a soothing and bright feel, which acts as a great contrast for other pastel shades within the room. Blue wall paint also provides a wonderful backdrop for wooden floors and furniture to complete a contemporary and sophisticated living space.

Not keen on painting all the walls blue? The great news is that even a touch of blue is enough to create the calming effect you are trying to achieve. You could try blue-painted panelling, a blue fireplace or even upcycled furniture pieces painted blue, accompanied with other relaxing shades such as neutrals, whites and cream.

Credit: Instagram - @niceinnotts

Blue Living Room Ideas

Blue Kitchen Ideas

Opting for a blue kitchen might’ve once been perceived as a bold choice, however, with so many shades available and different ways to incorporate the blue colour trend, it’s now a popular and elegant choice for many households.

The kitchen is another key hub in your home, therefore choosing blue paint in this area can help to create a vibe that is welcoming and homely, yet tranquil and peaceful at the same time. Blue paint colours are extremely versatile; therefore, you can mix many other shades alongside blue cabinets or walls to create a harmonious and handsome space.

If it’s something fresh and bright that are trying to achieve, then pair royal blue handle-less units with white walls for a crisp, classic look. However, if you prefer something more traditional and sophisticated, then navy blue works really well on shaker-style cabinetry with marble counters and brass accessories such a handles and taps. For a more industrial kitchen style, petrol blues work wonders for walls or cabinets, especially alongside Edison-style pendant lights and concrete grey flooring.

Credit: Instagram - @cloatnumber4

Blue Kitchen Ideas

Blue Moon Glow


Blue Bedroom Ideas

As a space to unwind at the end of a busy day, your bedroom should feel like a haven of peace. Blue bedroom paint can help to accentuate this calming ambiance, especially when paired with soft and neutral furnishings and luxury bed linen.

Sultry blues offer that European hotel feel, such as can be seen in the bedroom idea above using Mythical Nights. The room looks fresh and inviting with its crisp white walls and plush carpet flooring against the blue panelling. These deep moody blues will also help to keep the warmth in your bedroom during the colder months and also add plenty of depth to the space.

When it comes to accessories, gold and brass pair really well with blue paint in a bedroom environment. Not only do they add to the luxury feel of the space, but they also complete that feeling of warmth and cosiness.

Credit: Instagram - @beatie.at.home

Blue Bedroom Ideas

Mythical Nights


Blue Bathroom Ideas

As the colour of the sea and the sky, blue is a natural choice for a bathroom space. Whether you want to create a totally blue room, or just add touches of the colour as a focal point, there are many blue bathroom paint ideas to choose from.

Brighter shades of blue paint on wooden panelling create a nautical theme in a bathroom, which matches well with a crisp white on the walls and ceilings (as can be seen in the image above using Jellyfish). Whereas pale powder blues are ultra-soothing and create a spa-like atmosphere.

The beauty of blue bathroom paint is that it’s also extremely complementary to a number of other colour shades. It blends well with shades of pink, taupe, ivory and vanilla, as well as greens, yellows and oranges for a more dramatic approach to your washroom.

Credit: Instagram - @homemilk

Blue Bathroom Ideas

Jellyfish Blue


Blue Hallway Ideas

Hallways are entrance spaces into different areas of your home and are likely to receive high traffic volumes if you have a busy household. Therefore, with it’s cool and collected colour properties, blue paint in a hallway sounds like a great option here too.

Darker shades of blues pair very well white panel detailing, as can be seen in the hallway image above, and also work great as a backdrop for dramatic artistry and prints. The Pinstripe blue shade above makes the yellow print really stand out, giving the effect of a gallery space.

Lighting is a very crucial aspect of an inviting hallway too, and a well-lit space with spotlights or pendant lighting can help to bounce the light around your blue shaded walls. You can also create an illusion of extra light with large mirrors, if you are short on windows and natural light in the area.

Credit:Instagram - @sheremadness

Blue Hallway Ideas



Colours that go with blue walls

Now you are armed with some great ideas for blue wall paint in each room of your home, you might be thinking about what colours go well with blue walls?

We have already touched on a few ideas within the individual rooms, however the key to successful accessorising your blue paint is to bring out your personality as much as you can in your interior choices. If you love the outdoors and nature, then match your blue paint with plenty of greenery and wooden furniture to bring the outside in. Or, if you are a fan of the 70s, for example, then you can create a retro vibe with bold wall prints, pastel-coloured tiles, and even a shiny disco ball, such as the one in the image above!

If you are keen on creating a harmonious Scandi-inspired atmosphere throughout your living areas, then the key is to throw in plenty of greys and creams with wood and bamboo to blend in with your blue tones, which will help to generate harmony all around.

Credit: Instagram - @lifewiththekings

Colours that go with blue walls

Breathe Deeply


Here at Valspar, we are big fans of blue paint colour schemes. We hope our blue paint ideas have offered you lots of inspiration for your forthcoming interior project and well as useful advice for colours that go with blue walls.

Just before you start, don’t forget to browse our Look Book to further inspire your creativity.