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Premium Walls & Ceilings

Our most scrubbable and stain resistant emulsion for an exceptional finish in half the time.

Matt, Mid-sheen & Silk - 2.2m colours

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Classic Walls & Ceilings

A versatile and scrubbable emulsion for a long lasting finish in the colours that you love.

Matt & Silk - 2.2 million colours

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Simplicity Walls & Ceilings

A lightweight formula for effortless application with a smooth finish.

Matt in 2.2 million colours

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The Perfect White Walls & Ceilin

The Perfect White Walls & Ceilings

A clean, bright white emulsion that's scrubbable and stain resistant, ensuring your walls stay white for longer

Matt - White

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Brilliant White Walls and Ceiling

Brilliant White Walls & Ceilings

White emulsion that’s easy to apply and ideal for low traffic areas

Matt & Silk - White.

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Colour Sample

The best way to see how the different lighting in your home can subtly effect how colours appear.

Matt, Silk - 2.2m colours

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Valspar Interior Paint Promise

Our Interior Paint Promise is the foundation of all our interior blends, ensuring colour accuracy, easy application, and quality across our entire range. 

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When paint is dry, the paint hides 98% of the surface.

Everyday Durability

Stands up to knocks and scuffs of everyday life, wipeable and easy to maintain.

Splatter resistance

The paint won't splatter off the roller.

Pure colour

Consistency, accuracy and vibrancy of paint.