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From soft to bright, we have every shade of pink that can turn your room into a comforting, cosy paradise.

Pink paint can be playful with pops of Pink Pizazz or sophisticated with hints of grey for a delicately alluring appeal. It’s a colour that you can trust to represent your personality. Choose from our pre-selected pink colours or bring us a sample and we’ll find your perfect match from 2.2 million colours.

Ladylike X30R65A
Happy Heart X30R65B
So Twee X30R65C
Tulip Time X30R65D
Pinkberry Passion X30R65E
Dance the Flamenco X30R65F
Pink Diamond X29R64A
Merry-Go-Round X29R64B
Pink Kimono X29R64C
Passionate Peony X29R64D
Sporty Pink X29R64E
Magenta Manicure X29R64F
Pink Petticoat X28R63A
Plum Blush X28R63B
Birthday Bouquet X28R63C
Pink Pizazz X28R63D
Bee Balm X28R63E
Posh Purple X28R63F
Wisteria Whisper R62A
Delicate Shell R62B
Rare Amethyst R62C
Carnival R62D
Purple Unicorn R62E
Luxurious Lilac R62F
Lilac Allure X26R61A
Daydream Believer X26R61B
Bougainvillea X26R61C
Lavender Blaze X26R61D
Parisian Purple X26R61E
Hatter's Plush X26R61F
Watercolour Grape R49A
Bonita R49B
Allium Flower R49C
Haunting Melody R49D
Purple Storm R49E
Cloak of Midnight R49F
Tender Romance X31R55A
Pink Daisy X31R55B
Carnation Kisses X31R55C
Lush Blossom X31R55D
Ruby Petals X31R55E
Ruby Romance X31R55F
Fairy Floss R54A
Pink Icing R54B
Swoon R54C
Cactus Flower R54D
Vive l'amour R54E
Pickled Beet R54F
Pastel Perfect R53A
Pink Carnation R53B
Rosebay Bloom R53C
Melting Sigh R53D
Peony Tango R53E
Pinot Noir R53F
Dog Rose X27R52A
Pink Gems X27R52B
Amelia X27R52C
Foxglove Field X27R52D
Berry Pretty X27R52E
Burnt Orchid X27R52F
Orchid Shimmer R51A
Lively Lilac R51B
Meadow Thistle R51C
Prized Orchid R51D
Vivacious Violet R51E
Purple Splendor R51F
Thyme Flower X25R50A
Magical Poetry X25R50B
Bee Orchid X25R50C
Purple Hibiscus X25R50D
Prague Purple X25R50E
Crown Jewels X25R50F
Sweet Angel X17R42A
Hugs and Kisses X17R42B
Dusky Zinnia X17R42C
Pink Leather X17R42D
Ruby Rouge X17R42E
Victorian Parlor X17R42F
Pink Gloss X16R41A
Girly Girl X16R41B
Rose Sherbet X16R41C
Amethyst Valley X16R41D
Redbud Blossom X16R41E
Ruby Nights X16R41F
Scented Soap X15R40A
Ooh La La X15R40B
Tranquil Dusk X15R40C
Lilac Amethyst X15R40D
Evening on Wings X15R40E
Royal Velvet X15R40F
Bridesmaid R39A
Honolulu Holiday R39C
Pink Plumeria R39D
Plum Drop R39E
Figskin R39F
Fairy Magic R38A
Lavender Knoll R38B
Hampstead Heath R38C
Soul Celebration R38D
Violet Vanity R38E
Midnight Velvet R38F
June Twilight R37A
Drowsy Iris R37B
Blueberry Mash R37C
Bolt of Lightning R37D
Pasqueflower R37E
Merlin's Robes R37F
Heather Honey R30A
I Like Lilac R30B
Kitten Kisses R30C
Smitten R30D
Jazzberry R30E
Plump Raisin R30F
Sleepy Kisses R29A
Summer Dusk R29B
Twilight Bloom R29C
Bewitching Hour R29D
Purple Sunset R29E
Ripe Mulberry R29F
Blush of Hyacinth R28A
Whimsical Chimes R28B
Calm Cupid R28C
Suede Whisper R28D
Placid Purple R28E
Plumberry Juice R28F
Spun Moonbeams X14R27A
Hazy Iris X14R27B
Really Romantic X14R27C
Fields of Provence X14R27D
Purple Suede X14R27E
Dried Lilacs X14R27F
Amethyst Ice R26A
Lavender D'Oilie R26B
Hyacinth Hush R26C
Honeymoon Romance R26D
Magic Carpet R26E
Grape Ape R26F
Light Lavender X13R25A
Violet Spray X13R25B
Princess Charming X13R25C
Pretty as a Picture X13R25D
Midnight Petunia X13R25F

Pink Daisy X31R55B

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