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Purple PAINT is the jack of all trades. It’s loved by the creative and eccentrics but has universal appeal.

It calms our minds and nerves and so can revamp spaces in your home into pockets of peace. But it’s not a completely placid colour. Purple paint can inspire creativity so if you want to redecorate a studio or office space, it’s the perfect colour.

Ultra violet 18-3838TCX
Midsummer Sonnet X75R160F
Soul Kiss X75R160E
Degas Blue X75R160D
Blue Aster X75R160C
Lapis Lazuli X75R160B
Ming Dynasty X75R160A
Blue Romance X74R159F
Periwinkle Dream X74R159E
Wings of Pegasus X74R159D
Never Grow Up X74R159C
Cobalt Glow X74R159B
Blue Jay Feather X74R159A
Love Crystal X73R158F
Carousel Purple X73R158E
Daybreak Beckons X73R158D
Opulent Accent X73R158C
Emperor Butterfly X73R158B
Sapphire Earbobs X73R158A
Blushing Lilac R157F
Alpine Forget-Me-Not R157E
Safe Haven R157D
Liverpool Sea Holly R157C
Blue Batik R157B
Deep Ocean Floor R157A
London Lights R171F
Little Glass Slipper R171E
Blue Bonnet R171D
Blue Marble R171C
All for Naught R171B
Mykonos Reflection R171A
Fairy Festival R170F
Sapphire Sparkle R170E
Brush Stroke R170D
Purple Influence R170C
Aurora Borealis R170B
Majestic Peak R170A
Lilac Icing R169F
Lyre Strings R169E
Eye of Horace R169D
Wild Blue Yonder R169C
Cry Me a River R169B
Puttin' on the Ritz R169A
Mount Nirvana R183F
All an Illusion R183E
Palace Walls R183D
Modern Maestro R183C
Purple Funk R183B
Monsoon Nights R183A
Diamond Tiara R182F
Magic Potion R182E
Mountain High R182D
Peri Wink R182C
Indigo Dreams R182B
Billions and Billions R182A
Pale Lilac X85R181F
Moonlight Stroll X85R181E
A Stitch in Time X85R181D
Kindness X85R181C
Soul Sister X85R181B
Shadow Mountain X85R181A
Mais Oui R196F
Misty Harbour R196E
Milky Way R196D
Blue Cashmere R196C
Urbane R196B
Thundercloud R196A
Light Blue Lilac R195F
Hazy Skies R195E
Granite Fog R195D
Canal Blue R195C
Slate Roof R195B
Galaxy Grey R195A
White Lightning X86R194F
Gentle Soul X86R194E
Laura Grey X86R194D
Mesmerize X86R194C
Coal Blue X86R194B
Blue Ember X86R194A
Respite R193F
Lavender Twilight R193E
Highland Loch R193D
A Month of Sundays R193C
Quiet Storm R193B
Royal Henry R193A

A Stitch in Time X85R181D

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