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Find your perfect red paint and pair it with complementary shades to make your room pop.

Red paint is diverse. It can be bold, energetic and warm. It demands your attention and screams confidence. It’s stimulating, exciting and will transform any room into a hub of life and activity. But its subtle shades are like a warm, welcoming hug after a long day.

Grand Pli? R66A
Heirloom Peony R66B
Seaside Nautilus R66C
Mum's the Word R66D
Bizzy Lizzy R66E
Jam Jar R66F
Raindrops on Roses X32R67A
Gerbera Daisy X32R67B
Strawberry Sherbet X32R67C
Back by Popular Demand X32R67D
Love Story X32R67E
Sunny Bordeaux X32R67F
Darling X33R68A
Spring Laughter X33R68B
Pigtail X33R68C
Lovers' Secret X33R68D
Princess Heartbreak X33R68E
Mad About You X33R68F
Petite Pirouette R69A
Piggy Bank R69B
Super Pink Hush R69C
Pink Martini R69D
Cherry Glaze R69E
Pop of Poppy R69F
Strawberry Parfait R70A
Warm Heart R70B
Pouty Pink R70C
Cheeky Felicia R70D
Samurai Fusion R70E
Planet Fever R70F
Pinky R71A
Coral Crush R71B
Desert Bloom R71C
Flamboyant Flamingo R71D
Tropic Heart R71E
Scarlet Tanager R71F
Salmon Pink X36R72A
Twilight Afterglow X36R72B
Mango Tango X36R72C
Electric Clementine X36R72D
Cajun Shrimp X36R72E
Steelhead Redd X36R72F
Pink Bangles R56A
Faint of Heart R56B
Flight of Fancy R56C
Flamingo Wing R56D
Je t'adore R56E
Rushing Red R56F
Eraser Pink X34R57A
Pink Grapefruit X34R57B
Pink Fort? X34R57C
Sweet Watermelon X34R57D
So Snazzy X34R57E
Love Junkie X34R57F
Fresh Petal X23R58A
Candyfloss X23R58B
Cat's Pajamas X23R58C
Hearts Afire X23R58D
Dressed to the Nines X23R58E
Wine Cask X23R58F
Candy Kisses R59A
Simply Glamourous R59B
Tempt Me R59C
Peach Posey R59D
Pretty Party R59E
Pomegranate Seeds R59F
Mermaid Cheeks X35R60A
Fuzzy Peach X35R60B
Au Contraire X35R60C
Marmalade Magic X35R60D
Bandana X35R60E
Laird of the Isle X35R60F
Pink Halo R43A
Here Comes the New Girl R43B
Pomegranate Cr?me R43C
Warm Pink Suede R43D
Rose Grenache R43E
Vampire Love R43F
Pink Pram X18R44A
Silk Pajamas X18R44B
Raspberry Cream X18R44C
Cooing Doves X18R44D
Beatnik X18R44E
Cabernet Cork X18R44F
Dainty Delight X20R45A
Tutu X20R45B
Rose Sugar X20R45C
Twice Shy X20R45D
Pink Caramel X20R45E
Ruby Begonia X20R45F
Spun Sugar X21R46A
Sweet Nectar X21R46B
Berry Gelato X21R46C
Juicy Ruby X21R46D
Lush Rose X21R46E
Sailor's Delight X21R46F
Dolled Up X22R47A
Strawberry Milkshake X22R47B
Cherry Lemonade X22R47C
Amour X22R47D
Cherry Macaron X22R47E
Cave Painting X22R47F
Maiden Pink R48A
Brut Ros? R48B
Rhubarb and Custard R48C
Bella Rosa R48D
Rose Geranium R48E
Blood Orange R48F
Barely Berry R31A
Pocketful of Promise R31B
Mediterranean Sunset R31C
Emperor Rose R31D
Mauving Up R31E
Roasted Beetroot R31F
Budding Beauty X19R32A
On Pointe X19R32B
Brazilian Rose X19R32C
Vein of Quartz X19R32D
Kindness of Strangers X19R32E
Deep Aubergine X19R32F
Rose Vanilla R33A
Heirloom Cameo R33B
Yoga Pose R33C
Canyon Sand R33D
Rustic Memory R33E
Raisin Pudding R33F
Gentle Kiss X7R34A
Conch Parade X7R34B
Sweet Genius X7R34C
Cherry Caramel X7R34D
Cloak of Mystery X7R34E
Burnt Chillies X7R34F
Peekaboo X24R35A
Peach Blush X24R35B
Pink Cocoa X24R35C
Ceremonial Ochre X24R35D
Serengeti Fire X24R35E
Molten Sulphur X24R35F
Newborn Blush R36A
Canyon Hush R36B
Opera Sunrise R36C
Rustic Rose R36D
Sunset Rose R36E
Uluru Sunset R36F
Pink Froth X8R24A
Pink Perfection X8R24B
Petal Grove X8R24C
Deep Blush X8R24D
Antique Velvet X8R24E
Cherry Cola X8R24F
Rose Satin Slippers X9R23A
Unicorn Horn X9R23B
Roman Serenade X9R23C
An Unfound Door X9R23D
Chocoberry Souffl? X9R23E
Dusky Lips X9R23F
Fairy's Tutu X10R22A
Truffle Berry Cream X10R22B
Grey Berry X10R22C
Heart Stone X10R22D
Victorian Lilac X10R22E
Don't Look Down X10R22F
Dim Love X6R21A
P's and Q's X6R21B
Bunches of Blooms X6R21C
Vintage Brooch X6R21D
Peaceful Requiem X6R21E
Sable Heart X6R21F
Enchanted Mist X5R20A
Shy Girl X5R20B
Mauvelous Blush X5R20C
Caught in a Trance X5R20D
Passion's Attitude X5R20E
English Springer X5R20F
Graceful Tendrils R19A
Shy Bloom R19B
Misty Mauve R19C
Rocky Romance R19D
Winding Road R19E
Raspberry Truffle R19F
Pretty Please R5A
Easter Rose R5B
Faded Fig R5C
Charcoal Mauve R5D
Ashen Violet R5E
Mauve Ink R5F
Pretty Petals R18A
Moonglow R18B
Fading Violet R18C
Sunrise Over Tahiti R18D
Fields of Heather R18E
Storm Rolling In R18F
Blush of Morn X4R17A
Veil of Tears X4R17B
Heather Orchid X4R17C
Purple Pebble X4R17D
Twilight Shadows X4R17E
Berry Jam X4R17F
Eternal Moonrise R16A
Lavender Sand R16B
Lilac Blossom R16C
Romantic Holiday R16D
Smoky Heather R16E
Vintage Velvet R16F
Winter Twilight R15A
Lilac Sprig R15B
Smoky Moonlight R15C
Dusty Lilac R15D
Plush Luxury R15E
Midnight Rendezvous R15F
Lavender Dreams X3R14A
Lantern's Glow X3R14B
Purple Puddle X3R14C
Portrait of a Lady X3R14D
Lush Vale X3R14E
Night on the Moors X3R14F
Pewter Bud R13A
Twilight Shadow R13B
Bayou Serenade R13C
Will o' the Wisp R13D
Ultra Calm R13E
Deep Universe R13F
Nana's Pearls R10A
Breezy Linen R10B
Poetry in Motion R10C
Buckskin Chaps R10D
Cocoa Berry R10E
Vintage Satchel R10F
Dusky Sand X11R9A
Cathedral Morning X11R9B
Country Vicarage X11R9C
Hazy Earth X11R9D
Village Lane X11R9E
Dolce Domino X11R9F
Angel's Sigh X12R8A
Dusk in the Valley X12R8B
Lavender Stone X12R8C
Harpsichord X12R8D
Crested Lark X12R8E
Touch of Mink X12R8F
Whispered Promise R7A
Dusky Twilight R7B
Velvet Taupe R7C
Sitting Room R7D
Heirloom Threads R7E
Plum Sunset R7F
Orchid Blush R6A
Puka Shell R6B
Rosy Linen R6C
Foggy Mauve R6D
Grey Grape R6E
Soul Searching R6F
Dappled and Drowsy X2R4A
Fairy Bubbles X2R4B
Heather Bay X2R4C
Sassy Suede Boots X2R4D
Double Infinity X2R4E
Welsh Slate X2R4F

Buckskin Chaps R10D

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