Green is an increasingly popular paint colour in modern home interiors. It’s a colour that is both calming and invigorating, bringing to mind nature, wildlife and the great outdoors. 

Green paint can vary dramatically in colour, and with so many shades to choose from, you might be wondering where to start? In this article we aim to inspire you with green paint ideas for each room in your home. From green bedroom ideas to bathroom, hallway and kitchens too, we hope our ideas will give you all the creativity you need to get started on your new decoration project.

Green Living Room Ideas

Green paint makes a great statement in a living room environment and offers a multitude of possibilities when it comes to accessorising and colour matching.

As a space where the family comes together to socialise and relax, a green theme can help to create a soft warmth as well as a feeling of peace and tranquillity. Green is a natural stress reliever because of its associations with nature, and when teamed with plenty of greenery and natural materials such as wood, linen and bamboo, it can really help to complete that connection with the outside world.

Pale green wall paint colours for living rooms, such as the Whirled Peas shade used in the living room above, appear soft and spring-like, especially when matched with fresh white paint on ceilings and covings. However, if you are looking for something a little darker to add depth and cosiness to a larger living room then dark aloe vera tones and forest greens will help to give you that affect.

Credit: Instagram - @clash_and_clutter

Green Living Room Ideas

Whirled Peas


Green Kitchen Ideas

Green is one of the most on-trend colours for kitchens at the moment and is an adaptable choice regardless of whether your desired look is very modern or more traditional. Green kitchen paint can adapt to both cooler and warmer tones and can be mixed with a multitude of other colours to create a sophisticated yet inviting atmosphere.

Darker shades, such as the Wasabi Chocolate paint colour used on the kitchen cabinets above, help to give depth and warmth to a space. The deep tones blend effortlessly with wooden surfaces and neutral tile flooring too. Gold or brass fittings such as taps, and door handles add to complete that laidback luxury feel that many of us try to achieve in our kitchens.

If your kitchen space is on the smaller side, then lighter shades of green paint are likely to suit you better. Sunlit Meadow offers brightness, but still with plenty of warmth, while Cuddle Bug is a great choice for lovers of soft pastel shades.

Credit: Instagram - @enterthebaileys

Green Kitchen Ideas

Wasabi Chocolate


Green Bedroom Ideas

Your bedroom is a place for calmness, romance and relaxation, and by using shades of green in this space you can help to give it a serene makeover, enabling you to achieve the best possible sleep and rest.

There are many green bedroom paint ideas that will suit different styles and create different moods. Sage green, for example, is very soothing and purifying, and will help to define a light and airy bedroom. A darker shade, for example a deep teal offers sophistication and seduction vibes; it can transport you to a Parisian boudoir when paired with soft blush pinks and pretty floral bouquets, or mesmerising Marrakesh when accessorised with bolder shades of orange or yellow and patterned floor tiles.

A green bedroom doesn’t have to always be so literal. If you want a paired down version of the trend, you can opt for neutral shades on the walls and ceilings, but throw in green shades with painted furniture, bed frames, rugs and bed linen. This will help you to achieve a subtler take on the colour.

Credit: Instagram - @deluxeblooms

Green Bedroom Ideas

Green Bathroom Ideas

When you want to breathe some life into your bathroom, you can use green paint ideas to achieve a fresh and natural feel.

Emerald greens work especially well in a bathroom space, with a vision of Mediterranean seas and lush marine life. These shades intermingle perfectly with plenty of natural wood on flooring, cabinets and doors, and you can finish off the holiday vibe with a range of exotic houseplants such as palm, jasmine or small olive or citrus trees.

Softer shades of green and pastels work well for a more relaxing approach to your bathroom. If you like to take plenty of long baths to unwind after busy days, then you might want to keep a lighter feel to create that spa-like ambiance. Be sure to keep your bathroom space uncluttered to retain that calmness at all times and keep accessories and towels neutral and understated.

Credit: Instagram - @banksave

Green Bathroom Ideas

Green Hallway Ideas

Green paint colours in your hallway can make the space feel welcoming and earthy. As the gateway to other areas in your home, it’s likely that your hallway will gain a lot of footfall, therefore, it’s important you choose a shade that is durable and that you won’t get bored of anytime soon.

A soothing green shade, such as Green Willow (featured above) is subtle enough to keep your hallway feeling bright and fresh, but also adds a lovely warm tone, giving depth and personality to even the smallest of areas.

Long or wide hallways can often feel overwhelming or cold, therefore using warmer shades of green, such as Deep Sea Green or Forest Green will make the space feel cosier and more inviting. You can also make the hall appear friendlier with decorated mirrors, picture galleries and floor-runners to bring out the personality of the space.

Credit:Instagram - @thewalmsleyhomestead

Green Hallway Ideas

Colours that go with green walls

The beauty of green paint colours is that they are so versatile and compliment many other colour shades alongside them.

Neutrals such as white, beige, blush and stone blend effortlessly with any shade of green to create that earthy, relaxed look, while monochromes mixed with green offer more of a chic, townhouse appeal.

Brighter colours also really pop out against a dark green backdrop, as can be seen in the image above. The orange-painted fireplace contrasts magnificently with the emerald wall paint to achieve a quirky, yet refined feature area within this modern living room.

If you are a fan of pink, then you will be pleased to know that this colour also works really well alongside green. Perfect for bedroom boudoirs, kitsch kitchens and lofty living rooms, a green/pink combo offers a dreamy interior pairing.

Credit: Instagram - @twentieshouseinladybay

Colours that go with green walls

Spice Girl


Our team at Valspar are huge fans of the colour green! We have hundreds of green paint shades to choose from, with further options to create a custom green to suit your taste exactly.

We hope our green paint ideas have offered you lots of inspiration for your forthcoming interior project, but just before you start, don’t forget to browse our Green Look Book to further inspire your creativity.