Orange Paint Colours

Orange Paint Colours

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Orange Paint Colours

Orange is a talking point. It's a colour that polarises and yet encourages us to come together and belongs at the heart of your home. You might immediately think of bright, gaudy shades but orange paint is versatile. It's darker terra cotta and peach tones have broad appeal and can add something different to a room without being overpowering.


Melon Punch


Chasing Butterflies


Woke Up Like This


Pumpkin Glaze


Melon Slice


Toffee Coffee


Beige Blush


Honey Bronze


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Simply find the orange paint colours you like and pair them with complementary shades. Add up to 10 colour chips to your basket and we'll deliver them straight to your door for £5/€5. The charge covers the processing and sending of the colour chips and when they arrive, you’ll also receive a £5/€5 off Premium Valspar paint voucher, redeemable at any B&Q. Terms & Conditions apply.

Colour tools

Colour tools

We know that choosing a colour for your home can be an emotional decision. It can be tough to decide on just one colour, so we’ve developed a few helpful tools to help you choose your perfect Valspar colour.

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Create your own colour

Create your own colour

Our colour matching technology can match over 2.2 million colours, all from a sample as small as a sugar cube. Go to your local B&Q to create your own paint colour.

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