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Blue has two faces. Its darker shades are serene and restful while its electric side is dynamic and dramatic.

Which blue paint are you? Find the shade that perfectly captures the drama of a lightning strike or the calm, cool ocean. Choose from our pre-selected blue paint shades or bring us your favourite beach pebble and we’ll match and mix your blue hues from 2.2 million colours. We’ll even help you name it so you can always come back for more.

Blue Dusk W30B
High Altitude X83R154F
Natural Reflection X83R154E
Blue Indulgence X83R154D
Home From Home X83R154C
True Teal X83R154B
Jewel Blue X83R154A
By the Seashore R153F
Endless Summer R153E
Utopia Beckons R153D
Blue Bolero R153C
Porthole View R153B
Velvet Curtains R153A
Icy Fresh R152F
Windswept Clouds R152E
Skein of Blue R152D
Cleopatra's Sunrise R152C
Magellan's Journey R152B
Coastal Waters R152A
Shallow Water R151F
Eye Spy R151E
Cheerio R151D
Cool Box R151C
Jolly Blue R151B
Mica Blue R151A
Stay Awhile R150F
Bahama Breezes R150E
Nesting Bluebird R150D
Blue Grotto R150C
Mandarin Blue R150B
Shadows on a Hilltop R150A
Ambient Light X79R149F
Freshly Washed X79R149E
Blue Fiesta X79R149D
Tropical Tide X79R149C
Parrish Blue X79R149B
Journey Into Night X79R149A
Baby Blues X78R148F
Something Borrowed X78R148E
Slice of Heaven X78R148D
Spring Gentian X78R148C
Brilliant Blue X78R148B
Bandana Blue X78R148A
Gauzy Calico R147F
Breezy Street R147E
Sea Anemone R147D
Rio Carnival R147C
Pleasant Surprise R147B
Cliff Dive R147A
Make Believe R146F
Blue Muse R146E
Bright Horizon R146D
Infinity R146C
Picasso Blue R146B
Blue Lobster R146A
Ethereal Sea R168F
R and R R168E
Phoenix Tears R168D
Soul Blue R168C
Weekend at the Lake R168B
Seven Seas R168A
Salty Blue R167F
Cloud Ten R167E
Ice Fishing R167D
Navajo Blue R167C
Ocean Reef R167B
Nautical Nights R167A
Dover Shore X82R166F
Arctic Sunrise X82R166E
Setting Sail X82R166D
Pond Blue X82R166C
Watershed X82R166B
Sailing by Moonlight X82R166A
Forever Blue X81R165F
Angel Sol X81R165E
Blue Spirit X81R165D
Mermaid Tail X81R165C
Jester Blue X81R165B
Deep Sea Dive X81R165A
Bright and Breezy X80R164F
Gossamer Threads X80R164E
Ocean Horizon X80R164D
Blue Nebula X80R164C
Parrot Flight X80R164B
Deep Atlantic X80R164A
Lady in Waiting X77R163F
Sound Waves X77R163E
Siamese Eyes X77R163D
Placid Pool X77R163C
Yankee Blue X77R163B
Blue Moon Glow X77R163A
Chapel Choir X76R162F
December Solstice X76R162E
Blue Topaz X76R162D
Cornwall Blue X76R162C
Pram Blue X76R162B
Back of Beyond X76R162A
Cicada Song R192F
Air Dry R192E
Defying Gravity R192D
Emerald Sea R192C
Russian Turquoise R192B
Peacock Blues R192A
Summer Daydream X94R178F
Big Sky Country X94R178E
Laid Back Blue X94R178D
Carolina Coast X94R178C
Sea Crest X94R178B
Deep Teal X94R178A
Haiku Blue R177F
Droplet R177E
Cerulean Skies R177D
Smoky Mountain Spring R177C
Crown of Feathers R177B
Bankson Blue R177A
Morning Glory R176F
Soothing Blue R176E
Blue Bird Morning R176D
Blue Chiffon R176C
Dragon's Lair R176B
Ocean Radiance R176A
Liquid Blue R175F
Hydrangea Blue R175E
Moment of Grace R175D
Crisp French Blue R175C
Cottage by the Sea R175B
Fleet Street R175A
Halcyon Days R174F
Summer Rain R174E
Bright Lights R174D
Carolina Blue R174C
Sea Swirl R174B
Deep Galaxy R174A
Comfy Jeans R173F
Easy on the Eyes R173E
Maxwell Street Blue R173D
Bonny Blue Bell R173C
Princeton Blue R173B
Deep Channel R173A
Blue Tulle R172F
Barking Creek R172E
A Single Note R172D
Porcelain Vase R172C
Isis Wept R172B
Midnight Sonata R172A
Elevation X93R191F
Cold as Ice X93R191E
Cat's Cradle X93R191D
Adrift at Sea X93R191C
Hobgoblin X93R191B
Zephyr X93R191A
Lisa's Way X92R190F
Wind Chill X92R190E
Far and Wide X92R190D
Soft Shore X92R190C
Snake Charmer X92R190B
Stolen Sapphire X92R190A
Open Skies X91R189F
Sailing on the Bay X91R189E
D?j? Blue X91R189D
Blue Nuthatch X91R189C
Play Me a Melody X91R189B
Depths X91R189A
Blue Bouquet X90R188F
Spring Bonnet X90R188E
Blue Grace X90R188D
Cats and Dogs X90R188C
State Secret X90R188B
In the Deep Blue Sea X90R188A
Soft Blue X89R187F
Baby Boots X89R187E
Cold Snap X89R187D
Stardust Highway X89R187C
Folk Blue X89R187B
Deep Pacific X89R187A
Blueberry Ice X88R186F
Light Sleeper X88R186E
Sophisticated Lady X88R186D
Paradise Found X88R186C
On a Mission X88R186B
Pinstripe X88R186A
Dreamstress R185F
Faded Indigo R185E
Aphrodite Rises R185D
Purple Tide R185C
Blue Embrace R185B
Some Starry Night R185A
Frosted Blueberry X87R184F
Snow Flurries X87R184E
Blue Echo X87R184D
Norwegian Night X87R184C
Twinkle, Twinkle X87R184B
Blue Fedora X87R184A
Blue Lullaby X107R203F
Dover Surf X107R203E
Ocean's Reflection X107R203D
Copacabana X107R203C
Forest Waters X107R203B
Deep Blue Spruce X107R203A
Blue Wash R202F
Bleu Clair R202E
Artisan Blue R202D
Prairie Blue R202C
Sea Dog R202B
Mountain Midnight R202A
Calm Waters X104R212F
Windblown Blue X104R212E
Lagoon Reflection X104R212D
British Shorthair X104R212C
Blue Ridge Mist X104R212B
Gritty X104R212A
Blown Glass X106R201F
Shhh. X106R201E
Winter Moss X106R201D
Blue Tea X106R201C
Ol' Blue Eyes X106R201B
Night Swim X106R201A
Sea Ice X105R200F
Juliet Blue X105R200E
Blue Goblin X105R200D
Blue Heron X105R200C
Peaceful Panorama X105R200B
River Deep X105R200A
Aerodynamic R199F
Silvery Blue R199E
Comfy Cozy R199D
Maritime Hush R199C
Stormy Skies R199B
Deep Shadow R199A
Crystal Shadow R198F
Blue Sprite R198E
Self Soothing R198D
Providence Blue R198C
Down in the Nile R198B
Mythical Nights R198A
Mystical Morning X101R197F
Seersucker Suit X101R197E
Wave Goodbye X101R197D
Steele Blue X101R197C
Passageway X101R197B
Shale Blue X101R197A
Shady Lady X100R209F
Evening Mist X103R210F
Winter Wonderland X103R210E
Driftwood Blues X103R210D
Cottage Door X103R210C
Flannel Grey X103R210B
Sunday Sky X102R211F
Lark Wing X102R211E
Lazy Morning X102R211D
Blue Driftwood X102R211C
Storm Cloud X102R211B
Lone Splendor L16CW31C
Beach House Blue R213F
Charmed R213E
Flock of Seagulls R213D
Blue Whale R213C
Heart of the Jungle R213B
Blue Fringe L15CW31D

Home From Home X83R154C

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